Ham Wraps

Things have been a little quiet around here.  I haven’t been doing anything that exciting – no photography or new recipes.  I didn’t have anything to post about!

As I was making lunch today, I thought, ”Oh, I could post about these wraps!”  These wraps are similar to the ones that we made for the Men’s Advance.

I have been eating these often, as we had a ham for last week and there was plenty of leftovers.  When Mom I and were walking through the store, I saw these wraps, and they reminded me of how good the ones at the Men’s Advance were, so we purchased some wraps.  Today I made them for 5 of my 6 family members.


Making wraps

Ham Wraps
sun-dried tomato basil wraps (or tortillas – the big ones)
cream cheese or mayonnaise
garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, and parsley (any Italian herbs or herb blend will work)
cheese (cheddar and Colby Jack are good)
tomato (optional)



1. Spread the wrap with the cream cheese or mayo and sprinkle with the herbs.


2. Top with the ham, tomato…


…and the lettuce and cheese.


3. Wrap and enjoy!