Missouri State Convention

Today my dad and I went down to Springfield, Mo, to attend the Missouri Republican State Convention.  Since we had to be there at a certain time for Dad to get his credentials (he was an alternate delegate), we had to leave here at 4:30 a.m.  Now for those of you who know me, I am not an early morning person, but I still was up in time to go.

We arrived in Springfield at about 8:30, which was in time to get Daddy registered.  We didn’t know that I had to register as a guest, and when I went over to register, it turned out that more people had showed up than was planned, and we weren’t sure that I would be able to get in as a guest.  While I was waiting to find out, I was able to meet some sweet people, which was great.  After they got all the delegates seated, there was enough room for me to go in.  It was very interesting to watch all the proceedings.  At one point in the meeting, they were waiting for the Nominating Committee to get the proposed slates ready, and since it was taking longer than planned, the Chairman proposed that they skip ahead in the agenda and come back to this issue later.  Well, that didn’t pass, and then somebody put up a motion to adjourn for lunch (the meeting had been delayed in starting, and they hadn’t started until 12:00, when they were supposed to convene at 10:00, and have lunch at 12:00).  There was a half hour spent in discussing the proposed motion for adjourning for lunch, a vote on the motion to amend the motion (dealing with how long the break should be), and then when the final vote was taken, it was decided not to adjourn for lunch.  All these proceedings took a half hour.  Very interesting to watch.  By that time, the Nominating Committee had the slates in order, so the meeting then continued as originally planned. 🙂

After they voted on the slates (the Show Me Unity slate won, which had the delegates going to Romney and Santorum), Dad and I headed home, since we still had a bit of a drive.

Once we crossed the Missouri River, Dad pulled over to look at an alternate route.  While he was investigating said route, I jumped out of the car to take some photos.  After we got going again, I continued shooting photos out of the window.  There is a large group of photos at the end of this post (the majority of the photos) that are somewhat blurry.  They are the ones I shot out of the window flying down the highway.  They are not particularly good, but they were fun to take. 🙂

It was a full day, but very fun.  Here is a link to a report on the Convention.  Thank you so much for taking me with you, Dad!  I am so glad I got to go!


Walking to the building where the Convention was held – see that interesting building in the top left hand corner?


Probably my favorite shot from the convention


I can’t remember who this man is 😦


This is the Chairman


On the way home – while Dad was looking at the other way home


The farm field




A different view of the farm field – I didn’t notice that I was so tipped while taking these two photos.  Which one do you like better – one…


…or two?  They are very similar, but there is a bit of difference in the focusing




A hay bale – I love those things








A field not too far from home