Building Your House

“The wisest of women builds her house,
but folly with her own hands tears it down.”
                                            ~Proverbs 14:1

Whenever I thought of this verse, I always thought of them in the context of a married woman.  I imagined it as applying to the woman who had her own home, but never really applied them to myself.  The other day I was thinking when it suddenly dawned on me.

“I can tear down my house now,” I thought.  Sure, it wouldn’t be in quite the same way now as it would be when I am a wife/mother, but I could still be tearing down my house or building it up.

In what ways could I be tearing it down?  Well, to name a few, speaking unkindly or discouragingly to my family members, being disobedient to my parents, being lazy, and not taking time for my siblings.

How could I instead be building my house?  I could be encouraging my family members, be helpful, be obedient to my parents, try to make time for my siblings, and just plain be humble.

Now to be honest, this is an area that I am in no way doing well in.  Quite the contrary.  In looking back, I have probably been doing plenty of tearing down.  I need to be trying to build up, instead of unconsciously tearing down.

What do you think about this verse?  How do you apply this verse?