The “I Don’t Know” Restaurant

Today I went to I Don’t Know, a restaurant not too far from here.  In fact, it is located just in our family room.  My sister is the owner, chef, and waitress all wrapped into one.  They serve soup (any kind), pizza, hardboiled eggs, strawberries (plain or chocolate dipped), and breakfast.  It was quite good.  I and the other customers only had a minor food fight (just throwing strawberries and a cup across the room), which caused the waitress to threaten to send a few people to “yale” (jail).  No one was quite bad enough to merit the trip, though.  I think I may be back for breakfast tomorrow.

And the name?  Well, I asked the waitress, and she told me that it was just I Don’ Know.


My soup (I don’t know what kind it was – never asked) and hardboiled eggs


The kitchen – note the black-rimmed paper in the background.  It is Meiling’s iPad.  It is actually an add that Dad got in the mail, but since Meiling likes iPads and it looks like an iPad, she got to keep it.  Oh, and the eggplant sticking out of the couch is her cutting board.


My fellow customers


The waitress, who kept giving me odd looks


What did I tell you?


Giving Meiling a kiss before they left – Meiling protested