Now That’s Impressive

When we were at the book sale last week, my mom found a Landmark book titled “Garibaldi.”  I was holding it and looking at the picture when I noticed something interesting that I hadn’t noticed before.  We already have this book, so I’m not sure why I never noticed.  Maybe it’s because I never really looked at it.  See if you catch it.


Let’s take a closer look.


Did you see it?  It’s the lady.  She’s riding horseback (sidesaddle too!), holding the baby, holding the reigns, and shooting a gun – at the same time!  Oh, and might I add, looking cute doing it!

Now I find that impressive.  Wouldn’t you like to do that?  She’s got talent!  She’s holding the baby and the reigns with the same hand/arm.  You know how tired your arm gets holding a baby when you are just sitting – imagine holding the reigns, too. 

I wonder if the book tells you how to manage a horse, a baby, and a gun simultaneously like that.  I don’t think it does.  If it did, though, it would be worth reading.

There’s one thing I am curious about – what does she do with the baby when he’s a toddler?