Two Paleo Tortilla Recipes, Compared

I learned something the other day.

I learned that you can TOTALLY eat enchiladas without tortillas.

I had this little mental glitch that I needed to have tortillas to make enchiladas.  When I first went grain-free, enchiladas were one of the things that I thought I was really going to miss. 

I haven’t thought about it too much since.

But when I saw a recipe in Paleo Comfort Foods for coconut flour tortillas, I had to try it.

And I did.

I wasn’t impressed.  The tortillas ripped and crumpled really easily, and they were difficult to manage.  They also had a very egg-y taste.

So I tried to make these almond flour tortillas.

And they were a little stiff.  A little thick.  They would be PERFECT if you were going for a tamale-like breading.

So when I made my enchiladas, I layered part of the meat between two of the almond flour tortillas, and I put the rest of the meat between pieces of the coconut flour tortillas.

And I ended up just picking the tortillas out and eating the meat.

I might try to make tortillas once more, seeing if a mixture of flours and starches works better.

But now that I know I don’t need the tortillas, I think I can do without.

You learn things every day.



My tortillas


The almond flour tortillas


The coconut flour tortillas

Ever Onward,

P.S.  It looks like others have made the coconut flour tortilla recipe with success.  Hmmm…:)