On Thursday my aunt and two youngest cousins on my dad’s side came down to spend a few days at our home.  There was lots of jokes, snow ball fights, games, and Nerf gun wars.  And talking.  And eating, of course.  🙂

We also celebrated Noah’s birthday while they were here, since it was last weekend and we didn’t get to celebrate it then.  Happy birthday, Noah!  It’s hard to believe that he is 15 already…

I didn’t take quite as many photos as I would have liked to, since I was still feeling under the weather.  Anyways, here are a few from their stay.


Drake playing Hannah’s ukulele (he makes me laugh)


Looking at books


Getting ready to sing (I really liked how these turned out, so there are several :))






Drawing for “Cranium


We had just picked up “Cranium” at a resale shop a few weeks ago, and got to try it out this weekend!




Hannah really enjoyed getting to snuggle with Lucy


Ready for the Nerf war (or tag – I think they were playing Nerf tag)


Their “cool-guy” poses


These next few are just plain fun with cousins 🙂






Hannah and Lucy snuggling again



Thanks for coming!  And come back soon!  ❤

Oh My–This is SO GOOD (and fun!)

I made these AMAZING little things today.  They were wonderful.  Amazing. (Although I already said that.)  And I had a BLAST making them.  The caramel was my favorite part to make (especially since it was mostly dairy free – it just had butter, which could have been changed).  Dipping in chocolate is always fun.  But I have done that before.

Now that I have raved on and on, I am sure you are wondering what I made.

You’re not?



I’ll just tell you anyways.

How’s that?

And you’ll pretend that you are excited?


I made Paleo/Primal Twisk bars!

Oops.  Did it again.  I mean Twix bars.

Isn’t it easy to say it the other way?  I also have an extended family member who used to say it that way (quite a while ago).  I was thinking of you today while I was making these. 🙂

I was so excited to try them once they were done.  And I wasn’t let down.  They were SO SO VERY GOOD.  I stood there on the rug in the kitchen and ate one.

While eating it, the chocolate melted and oozed all over my hands and my (already chocolate smeared – this always happens when I deal with melted chocolate) face.  I am somewhat tired, so I kind of zoned out.

Dad said I looked funny.

I think I did too.

O.K.  And now the pictures.

(Don’t drool.  Or at least try not to.)


The unbaked cookie layer


“I am ready to be baked!”


Baked, and cooling




Mom bought the first bit of egg nog today.  Drake and I love egg nog, and we drink it together in the winter.  Sometimes while we are making dinner.  *Sigh*  I am SO looking forward to winter.  And I am enjoying the first tastes that are already here.


I so need to make a paleo version of this.  This stuff is wonderful.  Even if it isn’t chocolate.






The caramel ingredients in the pan


Lucy being her usual cute self.  She *actually* looked at me when I took her picture.  She usually won’t.


Isn’t she JUST SO CUTE!!!!!  (My family hears this probably about 25 times a day.  Lucy hears it probably ten times that.)


The caramel, now melted




While waiting for the caramel to come to the proper temperature, I discovered that caramel drips are fun to photograph!




*Drip* *Sizzle* (As I am not paying attention and holding my whisk over the hot stove, the caramel drips are burning, instead of returning to the pan.  This has a most unique scent.)


Now we are getting close


Stir!  Don’t stop!


Cooling in the pan


After several hours in the fridge – cutting them up (actually not that difficult)


Melting the chocolate


Cooled, right out of the freezer


Are you ready for this?  You think so?  O.K.  Here it is:




That’s all that I can say.

If you want the recipe, please leave me a comment below, and I will email it to you.


Now I am off to go clean the last residue of chocolate from the bridge of my nose.



Ain’t She Just Adorable?

I love my little puppy lots.  Lots and lots.  I know she has been all over this blog recently, but she was being super cute on my bed again today, so I had to take her picture.  And of course I have to post her pictures here. 🙂


She was resting like this and I thought it was oh-so-cute.  I only got a few shots before she thought she heard something outside and moved.


“Do I hear something?”


“Do I?”


“Why are you taking so many pictures?”


“Is that somebody at the door?  I don’t think so.”


“Maybe someone’s outside.”


“Fine. I’ll just to back to sleep.”


What a cute little nose!


I left the room and when I came back a bit later, this is what I got.


A few days ago I read an interview on a blog.  Yesterday I got the grand idea that I should do an interview for my blog.  My brother Drake sweetly consented.  I didn’t have a planned list of questions, so the interview is somewhat erratic.  It was fun, or as least I thought it was, and I hope you enjoy reading!


Allison: Thank you for consenting to this interview.
Drake: You’re welcome.

Allison: So, how was your day today?
Drake: Pretty good.

Allison: What have you been up to?
Drake: School.

Allison: You are sure giving me tons of information to work with.
Drake: yup.

A: Thanks.
D: You’re welcome. Is this the end of the interview?

A: No
D: Oh my.

A: If I would cook/bake anything for you right now, what would it be?
D: Hmmm.. Give me a minute to think about this. Probably the shrimp asparagus thing. Whatever that’s called.

A: it’s been awhile since we’ve had that.
D: [No comment.]

A: Alright then –
D: Alright what?

A: If you could watch any movie right now, what would it be?
D: “The Avengers,” if it was out.

A: Pick something else that is out
D: No.

A: Yes. Come on, pick something.
D: Ahh… I think you need to think about your questions before hand.

A: I did!
D: Doesn’t seem like it.

A: Have you been listening to the news lately?
D: No.

A: Anything of interest that you could share with us (I will not accept no)?
D: Who does it have to be interesting to?

A: You.
D: I think I found some more ways to upgrade my computer, but I won’t go into that, since I don’t know how many nerds follow your blog.

A: I don’t think there are very many
D: O.K.

A: What is your current favorite song?
D: U2 – “Where the Streets Have no Name.”

A: What dessert thing would you have me make right now?
D: Crème Brulee

A: Favorite food?
D: Brrrrrr….. I always have to think about this one for while. It changes over time, depending what mood I am in. Right now, a Chipotle steak burrito, and a 2-liter Mountain Dew. Not a 2-liter, just a Mountain Dew. A 2-liter makes me sound like a pig.

A:If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
D: Library

A: What books would you want to look at?
D: Web development and marketing.

A: Very interesting.

A: Have you fed the dog?
D: Is that a part of the interview?

A: Yes.
D: Because answering that question violates my religious principles. I say that and I can see the dog’s tail wagging. [The dog was staring at Drake through the window, and when she saw him talking, she wagged her tail.]

A: What are your religious principles that we are violating?
D: [no answer – just a silly smile]

A: Am I supposed to take that for an answer?
D: [same silly smile, with a suppressed laugh]

A: O.K.

A: If you weren’t doing this interview, what would you be doing right now?
D: Uhh… listening to U2 and reading Jim Cramer’s Real Money. Or reading a book to Meiling, my younger sister, which I promised to do.

A: That’s nice.
D: What’s nice?

A: Reading to your younger sister.

A: Are you bored?
D: Kinda.

A What would you like me to ask you for this interview?
D: [no answer]

A: O.K., what is one of your main goals this year?
D:[laughs] Get my A+ certification.

A: Can you explain what that is for our readers?
D: Uhh… basic computer technician certification.

A: What super power would you like?
D: Wolverine or Spiderman –  [Wolverine] – super strength, body that heals itself quickly, and claws that come out of my hands. [Spiderman] – super strength, ability to climb up walls, and then be able to shoot webbing.

A: What non-existing tech would you like to exist?
D: Iron Man suit. Like the Iron Man suit from the movie. From “Avengers,” because he has a cooler suit in that movie. Even though it isn’t out yet.

A: Any lasting comments that you would like to leave us with?
D: No.

A: Thank you for doing this interview.
D: You’re welcome.