My First Wedding!

Well, hi there, everybody!

(Or at least to the two people that still check this blog. :))

If you haven’t noticed (cough cough) there has been a dearth of posts lately.

So I am going to try to remedy that.

Are you ready?

Good.  Glad you’re on board with me.

All two of you.

So then.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of second shooting my first wedding.  It was my cousin’s wedding, and it was AWESOME!  Most of the time I focused on getting candid shots, not any of the formal shots, since the other photographer was getting them.  So that means that there are not that many “formal” shots to share with you all.  But I hope you enjoy the ones I do have!


We helped with reception hall set-up before the ceremony


They used these cool/weird water ball thingies.  They were great to photograph!


Hello there!  Just affirming that I am here, cause you won’t see me a whole lot.  🙂


My cousin and my grandparents


Mother of the groom


My aunt (mother of the bride) and two of my many awesome cousins!


Junior bridesmaid (and another of my awesome cousins) Hannah










Exchange of vows






I LOVE her face!  Isn’t she so sweet?!!


Hannah and Meiling


Between photos






The flower girls – they were so cute!  You’ll be seeing more of them.


My cousin Mark.  We had this thing going all day, where I was getting goofy photos of him.  I still need to finish the slideshow of funny photos.  It’s almost done!


Bride, mother, and sister


See? What did I tell you?  Cute or WHAT?!?


The main photographer was having them make happy/fun faces.  As you can see, Hannah took to jumping up and down.




They left the church amid bubbles






Can you *tell* they’re sisters?


My aunt (not the mother of the bride) makes a piñata for just about every family occasion.  The wedding was no exception!


She even made a fancy bat.


Scott egging on the crowd


And that’s the end of that.


Another tradition: the wearing of the piñata


Fixing hair


Almost everyone who had been there for the piñata (family and bridal party) had glow sticks.


Mom, Grandma Jeane, and my aunt (the one that made the piñata)




Greeting at the door




These two were so cute.  They started dancing, then were break dancing, and now are slow dancing.


Cutting of the cake (see the glow stick bracelet?)




Head table (minus the bride and groom – hey, where did they go?)


First dance




At the end of the first slow song, the music changed, and the bride and groom did a choreographed dance to several songs.  They danced for almost 10 minutes!  It was a total BLAST to watch!












They ended with a slow song


Groom and mother




Bride and father


Next they had all the couples come to the dance floor and dance.  The DJ then had couples leave the dance floor, by saying “Anyone married less than  ___ has to leave the dance floor.”  It was pretty awesome, because my grandparents were the last ones there.  All because of them.  🙂


My parents


When my grandparents were the only ones dancing, a bunch of us made a circle around them


And then the dancing started






Scott and Sarah


Us  🙂  (Thanks to my dad for grabbing this shot)


The dollar dance – my dad and Sarah


Noah and Sarah


Drake and Sarah have always been special friends, since they share a birthday.  Drake used to hang out with her when he was little.




And you want to see one of the goofy pictures?


Too.  Much.  Wedding.

Spring, Books, Scarf

It was a beautiful day yesterday.  The sun was shining, the sky was very blue, and everything was so very green.  What a perfect day for pictures!  I finally did my ironing the other day, so I had one of my favorite shirts that was all ready to wear.  Something about it and the faded denim skirt I chose made me want to take pictures.  So I headed out and had a blast.  Just to warn you, this will probably be a long post with lots of pictures.

I took my scarf with me as well as a few old books.  If you are curious, the books in the photos are “The Five Little Peppers Grown Up” and “Pilgrim and Pluck: Dogs of the Mayflower.”  They are both very good.

Don’t say you weren’t warned!


I love how these pictures with the scarf turned out with the scarf “frozen.”



This is my favorite with the scarf


I don’t know why I like this one so much, but I do


Walking and reading


This rock is great for pictures


The grass is so green



Still walking and reading




This part of an old fence looks so…country 🙂
Right after I took that picture, I found a bunch of moss.  It was so soft and springy that I was walking all over it with my bare feet and jumping on it.  While I was jumping on it, I said rather loudly “It’s so soft and springy-y-y!” I noticed not too much later that our neighbor was out not too far from where I was (within hearing distance).  Oops.




Love this one too 🙂

Life isn’t About Waiting for the Storm to Pass…

…it’s about learning to dance in the rain!

So says the blinkie on my sidebar.  I must have been thinking about it today, as when it started to rain, I went out to dance/sing/spin in the rain.  As I was having a lovely time, I kept thinking, “I wish my friend was here so she could take my picture!”

Well, while I was out there, I had a wonderful idea (or at least I thought it was): why don’t I set up my camera and tripod in the garage, put it on self timer, run to the designated spot, and take my own picture?

I went running inside to get ready and prepare my paraphernalia.  It was quite fun, pressing the shutter release, running to my designated spot, dancing, running back to the camera, trying not to slide on the garage floor, and setting up for my next shot.

Without further ado, here are my favorite shots from the day.







Aren’t full skirts just so fun?


Dancing (not anything in particular)


“I love the rain!”




“I should jump!”


You can see the rain a bit more in this picture