Dogs and Cats

Here are some photos I took of my dog and our cats and kittens today.

First up is Lucy.  After she went out and played with some of my siblings in the rain, she was left in our mudroom to dry off.  (Although I do like to dance in the rain, I opted out of it this time to take a bath inside. :))  Well, she came back inside, still wet, and proceeded to sleep on my unmade bed.  When I went in my room to make the bed, there was my wet little puppy, all curled up on the bed, unwilling to move.  I took her picture before I made her move. 🙂




Don’t you see I’m sleeping?


So what if I’m wet or the bed isn’t made?



Next are the kittens.  We currently have 2 litters of kittens on and around our deck, with their two mommas.  So, as you can imagine, at various times throughout the day,  the mommas nurse the kittens.  Now there is no sorting of the kittens.  The kittens just go to whoever they want?  is closest?  I don’t quite get their logic.

Elsie (the momma in the picture) is our momma kitty, and is the mom of the other 3 cats we have.  She is also the mother of a litter of 5 this Spring.  Her daughter, Satin (not pictured), had 7, of which 6 survived.

I saw this kitten pile earlier and had to take a picture before I opened the door and disturbed them.


The kitten pile – some sleeping and some nursing




“I’ve got to move”


Mom (and Grandma) Elsie checking it out – she is mom to the bigger kittens and grandma to the smaller ones