And This is the End

I’ve wanted to sit down and write a new post for this blog for awhile.  But there always seems to be a block in my mind.  And try as I might, I can’t get past it.

I tried, with my last posts, to change the tone and feeling of this blog.  But in my mind, it’s still a symbol of the “old me.”  It still feels as if I should be posting pictures of butter or snow or creeks.

I have showed so much of one part of my life here, but that part is now gone.  Rather than try to totally change this blog, and force this new era into my old life, it’s time for me to start afresh.

And so, this Window is closing.

So, goodbye.  Thank you so much to all of you who have commented, liked, and read. Thank you for giving me a bit of your time.  It has been a joy to have you here.

For now, this blog will remain public, but I may eventually make it private, to keep as a journal for myself.

And who knows?  I may see you in another corner of the internet – or real life – someday.



Just attended my first concert. Oh. My. Goodness. So very, very epic. I feel so blessed that I got to go!!!

For those of you who are interested, American Authors, The Script, and…ONEREPUBLIC!! So much fun!




Note: As with all things, if you are under your parents’ authority, please don’t just take my word for it. Ask them.

Homemade Beauty/04: Mother’s Day Edition

Made this yesterday. Lots of fun! And Mom liked it.

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Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing an easy, last minute gift for mom. Body scrubs are some of my favorite homemade beauty products to make. They’re fast and inexpensive but super effective, and they can take on all sorts of scents and looks. I prefer sugar scrubs over salt scrubs because I find the sugar to be a lot more gentle on my skin. Salt is way harsh on cuts and freshly shaved legs (I know that one from experience. OUCH!), so sweet sugar is always my go to. I usually forego the essential oils in my personal sugar scrubs (out of laziness mostly), but because this is for mom, I suggest adding a little lemon essential oil for extra fragrance. Put your scrub in a cute jar and attach a small wood spoon with twine and a note to make this gift extra special. I have two friends celebrating mother’s…

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From the kitchen: Cauliflower Crust Pizza {Gluten-Free}

Just made this for my birthday dinner. Best grain-free crust that I’ve tried! I’ll definitely make it again.

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As I mentioned in this post, I’ve been cutting back on carbs (mostly the bread type) in an effort to shed some winter weight and get back into shape for summer, and just to be more healthy in general. There is far too much bread and pastries in my daily life, a little detox does me good every so often. Pizza is one of my (many) carby vices. I can eat it all day, everyday. No joke. And I’m not at all picky – frozen, cold, homemade, gourmet… all are welcome to the party. You can see how this can become a problem.

I’ve been curious about cauliflower crust pizza since I discovered it last year on a gluten-free food blog, but never tried it until now. Boy, was that a mistake! We looooved this pizza. Like really, really. We joked about making these for sleepovers and team parties when…

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