Sibling Sayings 8

On Sunday Meiling, Drake and Noah were going to sleep out in the backyard in a tent.  They were all out there for a little while, but at about 10, Meiling came in.

She was scared of the paleontologists.   She said they were coming to get her.

The next morning:

Dad:  Do you know what a paleontologist is?

Meiling:  Someone who digs up dinosaur bones.

Dad:  Are you a dinosaur bone?

Meiling:  No…

Dad:  So why are you scared of the paleontologists?



Yesterday, when Meiling was doing her school, at the end of her name, she made a big swirly thing after the g.  She said it was like a rock.  Then she drew an asterisk after it.


She says she’s a rock star!


Sibling Sayings 6

OK, I am going to try to post something different after this, but Meiling has been coming up with a few gems.

Meiling:  Allison, just an advisement:  Please don’t smoke.

Meiling, to Drake:  Please don’t eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with your ears because it will smoke.

Meiling:  I have lots to say.
Me:  You can say that again.

Meiling:  Who in our family has a blog?
Me:  Well, we have a family blog, Drake has two, and I have one.  That’s it.
Meiling:  And me.  I have a blog.
Me:  No you-What’s it called?
Meiling:  It’s www[dot]talkmouthgirl[dot]com.


Sibling Sayings 5

Meiling’s new greeting:

“Peace be with you, owl shrimp.”

Ya, your guess is just about as good as mine.  I only know where the “peace be with you” part comes from.


Sibling Sayings 4

Meiling:  My camera is not croperating.


Sibling Sayings 3

This morning during Bible, there was a brief pause in which there was silence.

Meiling started looking around, very pleased, and gave the thumbs up sign.

We cracked up, and Mom said, “You don’t hear silence very much around here, do you?”

Turns out, Meiling likes silence.



Sibling Sayings 2

(Meiling was asking Noah and I what we were going to name our children, and telling us some of her names.)

Meiling:  I am going to name my twins Salt and Pepper – the girl is going to be Salt and the girl is going to be Pepper – I mean the boy is going to be Pepper.


Meiling:  Allison, what are you going to name your children?

Me:  That is between me and my [Editor’s note: future] husband.

Meiling:  [Grinning]  It’s going to be interesting who you marry.  I have a few suggestions-

[Slight pause here in which I turn around and look at her.]

-for you children’s names.

Me, mentally:  Phew!

Me:  As I told you, that is between me and my husband.


She definitely keeps us on our toes!