Sibling Sayings 8

On Sunday Meiling, Drake and Noah were going to sleep out in the backyard in a tent.  They were all out there for a little while, but at about 10, Meiling came in.

She was scared of the paleontologists.   She said they were coming to get her.

The next morning:

Dad:  Do you know what a paleontologist is?

Meiling:  Someone who digs up dinosaur bones.

Dad:  Are you a dinosaur bone?

Meiling:  No…

Dad:  So why are you scared of the paleontologists?



Yesterday, when Meiling was doing her school, at the end of her name, she made a big swirly thing after the g.  She said it was like a rock.  Then she drew an asterisk after it.


She says she’s a rock star!

Sibling Sayings 6

OK, I am going to try to post something different after this, but Meiling has been coming up with a few gems.

Meiling:  Allison, just an advisement:  Please don’t smoke.

Meiling, to Drake:  Please don’t eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with your ears because it will smoke.

Meiling:  I have lots to say.
Me:  You can say that again.

Meiling:  Who in our family has a blog?
Me:  Well, we have a family blog, Drake has two, and I have one.  That’s it.
Meiling:  And me.  I have a blog.
Me:  No you-What’s it called?
Meiling:  It’s www[dot]talkmouthgirl[dot]com.

Sibling Sayings 2

(Meiling was asking Noah and I what we were going to name our children, and telling us some of her names.)

Meiling:  I am going to name my twins Salt and Pepper – the girl is going to be Salt and the girl is going to be Pepper – I mean the boy is going to be Pepper.


Meiling:  Allison, what are you going to name your children?

Me:  That is between me and my [Editor’s note: future] husband.

Meiling:  [Grinning]  It’s going to be interesting who you marry.  I have a few suggestions-

[Slight pause here in which I turn around and look at her.]

-for you children’s names.

Me, mentally:  Phew!

Me:  As I told you, that is between me and my husband.


She definitely keeps us on our toes!