Sitting with Drake, working on stuff at the kitchen table.  A song from Hugo is playing.

Me:  Guess what this is.

Drake:  [pauses] Hugo.

Me:  Yes! I don’t usually like it [the Hugo soundtrack] so much, but recently I’ve really been enjoying this song.  I don’t know why.  Maybe because it is so pretty.


If you are a fellow lover of soundtracks, the song I am referring to is “The Thief” from Hugo.


Heads up:  This is going to be random.  Over and out.

While I was doing school, my feet were cold.  So I went and put on a pair of socks, only to discover that both socks had holes in the toes.  But I have not bothered to take them off (too lazy/feet are to warm) so I am just walking around with an increasing number of toes sticking out of the front of my socks, all the while being slightly annoyed.  There are currently 3 toes sticking out of the left side, and 1 sticking out of the right.  I kind of want to keep them on just to see how much bigger the holes get.

I made pumpkin muffins this afternoon.  I had attempted to make some paleo pumpkin pancakes the other day, but they didn’t work.  And I still had leftover pumpkin in the fridge.  So I decided to make muffins with it.  But I didn’t use all the pumpkin, so I still had to freeze the extra.  So what was the point of making the muffins in the first place?

I discovered that I was multi-talented (is that a word?) while I was making the muffins:  I can lick the batter spoon while scooping the batter into the muffin cups (using a utensil, of course).  Pretty impressive, huh?  Oh, and by the way, what is SO attractive about the leftover batter in the bowl?  My favorite batter would have to be a good cookie dough.  Something with chocolate.  But everything I make has chocolate in it, doesn’t it?

*I break here to insert an idea I just had*  Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies?  I’ll have to think about that.

*Carrying on now*

I really didn’t need to make the muffins.  I need to try to chill on the sugar intake.  I have to start being firm.  Cause I have been a bit of a wimp in this area lately.

Let me invite you inside my head.

Voice #1:  Hey Allison!

Voice #2:  Ya?

Voice #1:  Listen, you need to chill on the sugar.  No more chocolate chips with that scoop of peanut butter after lunch.  You know that it isn’t good.

Voice #2:  I know that last part. But…*sniffles*

Voice#1:  What?

Voice #2:  I like the chocolate chips and peanut butter!  A LOT!  *Sniffles again, then bursts into tears*

Voice #1:  I like it too.  But sometime the good things are hard.  You know you used to be better about your sugar consumption.  So you know you can do it.

Voice #2:  *stops crying, sniffles*  Ya, I know.

Voice #1:  So let’s try again.

Voice #2:  I guess that would be good. *sniffle*  Do you have a tissue?

Voice #1:  Here.

Voice #2:  Thanks. 

Voice #1:  So are we on the same page about desserts?

Voice #2:  Oh, not having that peanut butter and chocolate chips everyday after lunch?

Voice #1:  Well, it’s a little more than that.  I’m going to put this very plainly:  WE NEED TO CHILL ON THE SUGAR INTAKE.  PERIOD.

Voice #2:  I’m not sure I have any tears left.

Voice #1:  So are we together on this?

Voice #2:  *sighs*  I guess.  But after the pumpkin muffins are gone?

Voice #1:  Well, you can still eat them, but s…l…o…w…l…y.  Not the whole of them in two days.  Got it?

Voice #2:  Yep.  Got it.  And now that I am all cried out, I am really with ya.

Voice #1:  Great.  Let’s hit it.


I put up Christmas lights on the house on Saturday.  Noah wrapped the back deck with lights, and I put the lights on the front.  The front has colored icicles and the posts are wrapped with colored lights.  But I have too many strands plugged in to each other, so they have blown two fuses already.  I need to go out and split them onto two outlets.  I will probably do that soon.

My brothers are flying airplanes, and Drake just flew one over my head.  He then proceeded to try to do it again, but this time it hit me straight in the head.  He says there was an air current.  Hm.

I am looking forward to this week:  Mom and I are going shopping.  Tomorrow it will be just the two of us.  I like when I get her to myself.  It doesn’t happen all the time.  And we have a lot of fun together.

I am also looking forward to this week:  Cooking.  Lots.  Stuff for Christmas – gingerbread dough.  And Mom is having a party, and I am cooking for it.  Not going to say what I am making, because some people who are *hopefully* going will possibly be reading this.  But for those of you who are curious, I will probably post about it post-party.  (I just used “post” with two different meanings in the same sentence!)

Counting down the days until my mom and I go to the symphony.  For my Christmas present,  we are going to see Pirate of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl at the symphony.  They will have the movie on a big screen, and they play all the music LIVE!  IT IS SO AWESOME!  We went and saw Lord of the Rings:  Fellowship of the Rings when they did that, and it was SO WONDERFUL.  I always said thought that if they were to do Pirates music, I would want to be there REALLY BAD.  I am really excited that we are going (if you couldn’t tell).

Oh, and I ate a pumpkin muffin not a full minute after I finished the above dialogue

Well, I think that is all.

Now off to fix those Christmas lights.

From toes-sticking-out, batter-spoon-licking, multi-talented, too-much-sugar, Christmas-light-loving, excited,


Love ya!

P.S.  And if you read all of that, I am amazed.  You persevered.  🙂

A Lesson Learned

Last night Mom and Dad went out.  Usually when they go out, my siblings and I have a “party.”  Often, this includes loud music, dinner, dessert, possibly a movie, and general fun and silliness.

While Meiling and I were listening to music in the kitchen, I decided that it would be fun to make something quick for a dessert.  I pulled up this recipe for Chocolate Coffee Mousse, and we made a double batch of it.  All my siblings like chocolate and coffee, so I was pretty sure that it would be a hit.

Well, it was supposed to be refrigerated until it was firm, but we couldn’t wait that long.  Once it had hit the 2-1/2 hour mark (this was at 9:25), we dug in.

And they were good.  Very good.  Meiling gobbled hers up, exclaiming how delicious it was.  Noah really liked it, too.  Drake said that it was a make-again.

My parents arrived home not long after that.  As Meiling was energetically climbing on my dad, he looked at me and asked,

“Was that coffee caffeinated?”

“Yes, it was.”

I hadn’t really considered the fact that we would be eating this treat rather late, and that eating 1/2 tablespoon of caffeinated coffee grounds per person probably wasn’t the greatest idea.

Yes.  A scant 1/2 tablespoon of coffee grounds per person.  My 6-year-old sister included.

Drake and I had a rather exciting game with our Star Wars trading cards.  More exciting than it has been in a while.  I think we were both being affected by the coffee.  (This could partially be due to the fact that I won.  This is probably my 3rd or 4th time to win, out of the last 30 times I’ve played with Drake.  Obviously I am not the best at strategy games.)

Thankfully no one had a hard time sleeping, or at least not that I’ve heard yet.  I was up a bit later that I wanted to be, but it wasn’t terrible.

Note to self: keep it to decaf coffee when it is getting late on a weekday night. Especially for the 6-year-old.

A Few Questions (Ten, to be Exact)




I am entering the blog party over at Bramblewood Fashions.  Here is the list of questions with my answers!


1. What word are you totally loving at the moment? Well, it seems to be tacky.  I have been using it more often.

2. Any tv shows/movies you are excited for this fall? Not really.

3. Anything that symbolizes something to you? Nope, not off the top of my head.

4. Two favorite songs at the moment? Hmm… “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum and “Lead me to the Cross” by Francesca Battistelli.

5. If there was suddenly a world taker over by an evil dictator what would you do? Join the resistance.

6. What is your favorite summer activity?  Canning.

7. What has been your favorite summer vacation? I am not sure.  Our last trip to Branson was quite nice.

8. If you received an unlimited shopping spree to any store, what store would it be for? This is really hard.  I really like Kohl’s.  I’m sure that Von Maur would be great, but I haven’t been there in so long to see what I do and don’t like of theirs, so I can’t say I love that store.  I do absolutely love Shabby Apple!  They have the cutest dresses!  Amazon would be great, also, as you can get just about anything.  So, to give you an *actual* answer, I would want to say Shabby Apple, but my smarter self would say Amazon (more options).

9. What is your favorite summertime food? Homegrown tomatoes. Lemonade.  Cucumbers fresh from the garden.  Peaches.  Blueberries.  And the list goes on.

10. What is your favorite summertime movie? I can’t really say that I have a favorite summertime movie.  I don’t exactly have a favorite movie right now, either, although “Avengers,” “Cranford,” and “Megamind” are on the top of the list.



One Last Extension

I have decided to extend the Sons of Georgia giveaway for one more week – until Friday the 25th of May.  You have until midnight that night to get your entries in.

I am extending the giveaway in hopes that I will get a few more entries.  Thank you oh-so–very-much to KT, Racheal, and Brytni for entering!  And this is the last time I am going to extend it.

If you haven’t entered yet, please go here to enter.

Drake’s Birthday

Yesterday was my brother Drake’s birthday.  To celebrate his birthday, Drake picked to go see Avengers in the theater.  It was great – I hope to see it again!

I love you lots, Drake!  Happy Birthday!


Drake started the day with pulling out our old Nintendo game consuls and playing games.  Other people also took turns.


Chipotle for lunch, before the movie – Like father, like son.


Drake and Mom


Drake, waiting in line


Drake likes to make funny faces.


Noah and I were waiting – reserving a table – while everyone else went through the line.  I was a little bored, so I started taking pictures.




Our table




The ceiling


This one is rather tipped, but I still liked it






Tabasco sauce!  I didn’t use any. 🙂


Drake suggested this for my lens picture.  He even supplied the burrito! 🙂


Going to see Avengers – Iron Man is Drake’s favorite.  He wants the suit.  The funny face is because he kept closing his eyes and was trying to keep them open.


Waiting for the movie to start – I like how this shot turned out, even if it is too red.


Drake kindly took a picture of me with my favorite Avengers character.  Don’t mind Thor looking over my shoulder.  I’m not tall enough to block him out. 🙂  I can’t quite pick a favorite Avenger – she was definitely my favorite at the moment, though.


Meiling’s favorite Avenger, or as she says, ‘Venger.


Eating dinner




…and French fries


Drake and his birthday pie!


Don’t forget – if you haven’t entered the giveaway, you still have time!  Go here to enter!


Today I am announcing A Window Into my World’s very first giveaway!  I am so very excited – how about you?

I am giving away a copy of the new movie “Sons of Georgia.”  This movie, made by Children of Light Productions, is the result of the hard work of many homeschooling families.  It is a story that takes place during the Civil War.  The summary on the back reads:

“Join Jerry Blanding as he recounts to his grandson the story of the Civil War and his war-torn childhood in the heart of Georgia.  He and his older brother, Sam, lose their father and brothers in the War of the Century and endure Sherman’s ravaging of the South and undergo his infamous March to the Sea with the idea of “making Georgia howl.”  Sam finally must resolve for himself what to do as Atlanta is on the verge of collapse and his own family is in dire peril.  Will Sam determine to compromise his faith and his family for safety or will he sacrifice for what is right?  Come along with us as we experience the emotions of Jerry Blanding as he writes this heart wrenching epic story of survival!”

Sons of Georgia

This also includes a “Special Features” disc, with Behind the Scenes, Bloopers, About the Cast, and more.  For more information, please visit the official website here.

To Enter

To enter, you need to do three simple things:

1.  Go here and watch the trailer.

2.  Put a link to this site on Facebook and/or on your site.

3.  Leave a comment here telling me that you did this and that includes a link to where you linked to me.

For an Extra Entry…

Sign up for eamil notifications by clicking on the Follow Me! button up on the top right hand on the sidebar.  In order to qualify, you have to have completed the above requirements for one entry already.

The drawing will be held next Friday, May 11, and I will post the results that evening.  Enter now!

A Slightly Random Interview

On Sunday we went to our good friend’s home.  Our friends, Josh and Bethany, were telling me that my blog is funny, particularly the post with the interview of my brother.  As Josh also has a blog, we decided to interview each other and post it on our blogs.  Here is my interview of Josh.

Me:  Thank you for consenting to this interview.
Josh:  You’re very welcome.

Me:  What did you do today?
Josh:  I got ready for church, went to church with my family, came home and spent time with some friends.

Me:  What has life been like lately?
Josh:  Life has been busy.

Me:  What do you do in your spare time?
Josh:  Eat fried rice, eat anything my sister makes, and I especially like taking pitchas. [Editor’s note: pictures – this is a requested spelling.]

Me:  What do you like to take “pitchas” of?
Josh:  People and cats and little plants.

Me:  What is your favorite movie?
Josh:  Dragonfly Paradise.

[Everyone looks at Josh rather confusedly.]

Me:  Is that a real movie?
Josh:  [Laughing]  No, I just made that up.

Me:  O.K., I need a real movie.
Josh:  Oh.  Just a minute.  [Gets up and looks at movies for a few minutes.]  Sophie Scholl.

Me:  What’s it about?
Josh:  It is about a young Christian woman who joins a German Anti-Nazi resistance group.

Me:  What are you reading?
Josh:  Let me look.  [Disappears into the other room, then reappears carrying a book of approx. 1000 pages.]  Ayn Raud Atlas.

Me:  What is it about?
Josh:  It is a about a near-future period when society has collapsed and the people who had strong ethics and maintained society are all disappearing.  Experiencing the world without those people.

Me:  Want non-existent tech would you like to exist?
Josh:  A very complicated machine that lets my imaginations be visualized by other people.

Me:  What is your biggest fear?
Josh:  Huge open skies.  [He went on to explain that this is a childhood fear.]  That I will go blind.

Me:  Irrational fear?
Josh:  Something I’m actually afraid of?  That all my friends will hate me.

Me:  I’ll try to never hate you.
Josh:  O.K.  [Laughs]
Bethany [his sister]:  Me too.

Me:  What is your pet peeve?
Josh:  My pet peeve is excessive grammatical/spelling mistakes.

Me:  Chocolate or vanilla?
Josh:  Chocolate.

Me:  When was the last time you cried?
Josh:  While watching a movie with my family.

Me:  [This is a question suggested by my little sister, Meiling.]  Do you like fire?
Josh:  I kind of like fire.

Me:  She [my sister] also wanted me to ask you if you like leaves.
Josh:  I do like leaves!

Me:  What do you want to do with your life?
Josh:  Have a good testimony for God’s work in my life, be able to have a job that I love and be able to support a family.

Me:  Do you have any goals for the next year that you can share with us?
Josh:  I have lots.  One is to become more experienced in my photography and have 5 photography jobs.

Me:  Do you have a motto?  Hakuna Matata?
Josh:  Hakuna Matata!  To value imaginations and emotions, but surround myself with people who anchor me and keep me down to earth.

Me:  What is an exciting thing in your life right now that you can share with us?
Josh:  All my wonderful friends that God has given me.
Drake [my brother]:  I like you, Josh!

Me:  What is one superpower that you would like to have?
Josh:  Flight.

Me:  Thank you for doing this interview.
Josh:  You’re very super welcome.

Check out his blog, as he posted his interview of me!  It was cut a little short, but it was still fun.