Hello hello hello.

Well, it’s been awhile.¬† ūüôā

Almost a year, to be exact.

I’m still here.¬† But¬†life has happened.

I just completed my first full time year at college, working toward my¬†Bachelor of Science, or that’s what I’m currently thinking.¬† I know I have to pick soon, but I still have some time to decide.¬† We no longer live in the country, and now live in the suburbs.¬† I am now a piano teacher with 12 students.

Between school and work and other obligations, I don’t really have time for that much cooking or canning or other crazy kitchen adventures.¬† My life is mostly school, work, homework, chill, sleep, school, homework…you get the picture.

I do miss some of my “old habits,” lol.¬† The cooking, the creating, the photography.

But now my life is homework due dates, piano lessons, school friends, and professors, and I’m kinda loving it.¬† A lot. ;p

Soooooo, that means I don’t have a terrible amount of time to dedicate to this lovely little nook here.¬† But at least while I’m on break for the next few weeks, I’ll try to post a few things.¬† I can’t make any promises, though, cause when Calculus starts in a few weeks…it may be crazy.

OK, it WILL be totally crazy.

Till then-