Friday Night

“You know what, in hindsight, I think I made a bad decision today.”

Dad’s comment made everyone look up from the conversation and their dinner plates.  I, for one, had my heart in my throat.

“I was near a chocolatier today, and they had a sign in the window for chocolate-covered bacon, and I didn’t try any.”

Talk about a sigh of relief!

“And now I am just wondering about it.”

I glanced down at the plate still more than half full of bacon on the table.

“You know what,”  I said, “I’ll make you some.”

And so I did, after dinner.

And then I did something I really wasn’t sure that I’d ever do.


And you know what?  It was surprisingly good.


Has anyone else tried any bacon/chocolate combos?  What did you think?  Any bacon desserts?  Let me know!


P.S.  I made this soap this week, and it turned out well.  Mine is a little thick, but I could fix this.

5 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. Haha, why would you doubt the combination of two of the most awesome foods ever? 🙂 I haven’t personally tried chocolate-covered bacon, but I’ve had chocolate cake with bacon in it, and another friend of mine has made chocolate-covered bacon quite popular in her circles. Also sometimes I eat bacon with a chocolate fudge sauce. 🙂

  2. If you have chocolate, I can’t see messing with it – it is fine just as it is. Did your mom try it? bet not. Putting it in cookies yes, but chocolate on bacon is a bit ‘pearl before swine’-ish to me…

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