Breakfast Soup

I pulled a container of (what I THOUGHT was) chicken broth out of the freezer this morning.  I especially needed some nice, healing chicken broth this morning.  While it defrosted, I pulled out the various veggies out of the fridge and chopped them up for my soup.  Ah, some lovely scallion-ginger broth!

I had though that the broth looked a little funny, but hadn’t paid it much mind.  But when I sat down to eat it, I could tell it DEFINITELY wasn’t chicken broth that I had used.

It was chicken drippings.

Mom saves them to add to dishes that need a little added flavor.  And I had mistaken the whole container for broth.

Given, it LOOKS very similar, and they were frozen in the same type of container that we use for broth.

Oh, well.

It isn’t terrible – it is just rather tasteless.

Off to eat my soup –

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