9.  A cappella music makes me happy.

26.  I love fermented butter.  [Editor’s note:  It’s really cultured butter.  Just forgot the name for a moment when I posted.]

5.  Owl City’s music can be SO random, but you have to love it anyway.

1.  I need to focus.

57.  When are they going to come out with windshield wipers for eyeglasses?  Just asking.

18.  Buttered quinoa = amazing.

3.  [I just lost a whole chicken thigh down the disposal, and I had to go in after it!]

80.  [Or at least my hand did.]

2.  For dinner, I’m mincing up garlic and ginger, and chopping some green onions.  It’s Asian-inspired!

95.  My brother’s mowing the grass for the first time this season.  Yay Spring!

77.  I pinched my tongue with a broken apple juice box straw.  Yup.

6.  This Friday night, my little sister and I will [hopefully] be having a slumber party – the whole nine yards.  Fun food, makeup, a movie, and music.  Should be great!

39.  Why doesn’t your computer automatically switch to capital letters after the end of the sentence, and then switch back (like phones do)?

14.  My room is a mess, but isn’t it always.

Speaking of that, that’s what I should be doing!


10 thoughts on “Random

  1. I love how many of your randoms are food related. 🙂 I’ve never heard of fermented butter and am intrigued. Do you use it as a spread or for cooking? Your slumber party sounds super fun!

    1. More accurately, I should have called it cultured butter. Instead of churning heavy cream into butter, I culture the cream first into crème fraiche, then churn it into butter. It gives the butter a slightly sour (or more sour if you culture the cream longer) taste that we really seem to love. It can’t be made with ultra-pasteurized cream from the store, but we make it with cream that we get from a farm not too far from us. We use it just like you would store-bought butter – for cooking or on bread. I haven’t used it baking yet, since it would be somewhat difficult to measure. Plus, we like it where we can taste it more! (It’s divine slathered on banana bread.) I am hoping to get a large amount of cream soon, as this is the time that the cream is most nutrient-rich, due to the new Spring growth of the grass, and make as much butter as possible and freeze it. It makes me very excited.

    1. Thanks! I love random lists, too. Had to try my own, especially since I was in the kitchen by myself, and kept having random thoughts. 🙂

      The slumber party should be great! We rented “The Adventures of Tintin” to watch.

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