Extra 6 Lenses Photos

The photos that didn’t make the cut – for one reason or another.  But I like some just as well as the one I chose.  Tell me what you think, and which photo is your favorite.  This week’s theme is horizontal lines.


(1) This one made it on 6 Lenses


(2) With my shadow


(3) I love barbed wire


This one and the next one don’t really fit the category, but I like them. 🙂




(4) This one and the next one don’t have the perfect focus, but I like them none the less (wow, what a schooling on what I like!)




So, which one(s) do you like?

15 thoughts on “Extra 6 Lenses Photos

  1. I like the road, the second one. I picture my sweet children walking down it. Trying to figure out where you were when you took it.

  2. I like number one and the two of the road but I think that number three is my favorite.
    Love barbed wire? Yes, it makes nice pictures and fences, but Yee-ouch! Look out when it gets too close…It gave my shin a nice hug the other day! 🙂

    1. I try to keep myself far away from it, or be ver careful if I have to be touching it (as is the case for these photos). That’s one thing I definitely don’t want to experience!

  3. I like all of them (you’re so talented!) but the second is probably my favorite. The picture feels like it has a story behind it. And the warm glow from the sunlight offers such a lovely feeling. 😀

    Great pics! 😀

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