Well, That’s Just What Happens

I was hoping/planning to post a great post about the new year, and new stuff in the new year.

But that just isn’t going to happen.

Today, at least.

So you are going to just get this (whatever “this” turns out to be).

After reading a Paleo cookbook, I decided that I should go on a short-term stricter diet.  It consists of this:  no grain, legumes, nuts, seeds, nightshades, and eggs.  Oh, and low sugar.  And good oils.

(And all that jazz.)

I started yesterday.  January 1st, right?  Great time to start these things.


I am craving sweet.

Let me rephrase.

I am REALLY WANTING something chocolaty/sweet.


Well, I was just plain wanting something chocolaty, like a chocolate pudding.  But I don’t have any avocados.  So I was looking online for a coconut milk based chocolate pudding that doesn’t have eggs.

And I looked, and looked.  But I didn’t see one.

So I started scrolling through LOTS of amazing-looking dessert recipes.

Looking at all that dessert (and thinking about it, too) made me want it even MORE.

That’s how I ended up at the above state.  (REALLY WANTING something sugary/chocolaty.)

That’s what I get for looking at all those dessert pictures and recipes.

I guess that’s just what happens.

And the only thing that I found that is semi-fast, is all of the above free, and that I have the ingredients for, is chocolate fudge.

(My brother Drake just went over to get a drink, and picked up the tall orange cup that is often his.  He asked whose it was, but no one answered that it was theirs.  Right after he had taken a mouthful, Noah pipes up.

“Oh.  That one’s mine.”

Drake immediately spat the water out and dumped the cup,  and then grabbed his own.

It was really funny.  Truly.  You would have had to been here, though.)

So I want to make chocolate fudge.  And I want to eat it, too.

But the chocolate chips that I have aren’t exactly paleo.  Basically, they are not great.  They have whey.


And now let’s mix in complication #2.

My family has been passing around the flu.

Drake just got over it, Noah has it now, and two others may be coming down with it (not including me).

And I should be trying to NOT get it.

I am still thinking about bending the rules on my diet to take some Master Tonic (it has peppers – nightshades).  And I know that the sugar will weaken my immune response.  And I am still fighting to get over a cold.

Life can be a bit difficult, and crazy.


I think I am going to go make me some fudge.



6 thoughts on “Well, That’s Just What Happens

    1. I did fail on the first day. But that doesn’t really matter. What matters is if you just throw in the towel and say, “Well, I messed up there,” and call the whole thing quits, or if you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, (mentally smack yourself) and just keep on trying.

      Brave, possibly, but also crazy. Somehow I find this fun.


    1. I really have enjoyed doing these diets, and although I don’t get to eat certain things, I understand what they are doing to my body and how awful I feel! After I ate some of the fudge that I made, I felt so yucky that it was almost enough to make me not want fudge again.

      And it is the grace of God that enables us to be able to do these things.

      I say “almost” about the fudge, since I had two (small!) pieces after lunch today. Man, was it good! I’ll have to post the recipe…

      Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Allison,
    My husband and I jumped on the Paleo diet for 4 months last year. It was the best and worst 4 months of my life. Paleo does get easier though. And there are TON of blogs/websites that offer recipe’s and inspiration. At first, we were eating almost all raw, but after a while, we started finding all sorts of recipes that we loved and that didn’t feel like dieting – hemp seed crusted shrimp, all sorts of delicious juices, even pureed frozen strawberries (it just like sorbet!). Keep at it and don’t kill yourself if you stray. Nowadays, we like to have at least one Paleo day a week, like a weekly cleanse. I think more than anything, Paleo taught us how to really eat healthy using whole foods and super foods. Good luck!!

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I was having a breakdown moment there, but it is getting better. The fudge helps. I have been mostly grain-free for six months, but I still needed a little cleanse. And plus, I really want to prove to myself that I CAN do this. I’ll have to do the strawberries, once I am eating them again. That sounds really good!

    And I ended up with one kickin’ pan of fudge (which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on which way you look on it).

    Thank you for stopping by!


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