Chocolate Truffles

I used most of the leftover can of coconut milk to make chocolate truffles yesterday.  The little bit of the coconut milk that I didn’t use for the truffles was used for my coffee non-break in the middle of making the truffles.  Mmmm…

Anyway, the truffles turned out pretty well.  I dipped mine in chocolate, just because I am that kind of person.  🙂  Half of the filling I flavored with mint extract, so some of the truffles are mint chocolate.

I was fairly happy with how they turned out.

(Quick break while I go to get one.)

Where was I?

Oh, yes.

So I am fairly happy with how they turned out.  The plain chocolate ones have a bit of a “healthy” taste to them (due to the use of coconut oil and honey).  I don’t care for the mint extract that I used for the mint ones.  I think it taste rather toothpaste-y.  I know toothpaste is minty.  But this mint extract seemed to have a more toothpaste-y flavor.

This time I tempered the melted chocolate before I covered the truffles.  I was hoping that it would make the chocolate less melt-y when they were eaten.  It wasn’t that difficult.  In order to temper the chocolate, after melting it, you cool it down to 83*, then heat it back up to 88*-89* (chocolate melts at 110-120*).  The hardest part was getting it to cool down.  It did NOT want to cool down.  I finally just called it good.

I am not sure that it worked, since I am storing the truffles in the freezer, and we have been eating them frozen.  This doesn’t give the chocolate much chance to melt.  I am letting this truffle that is sitting to my left thaw, so I can see if it works.

I made a royal mess making them.  You’ll see that in the pictures in just a moment, though.


Mmmm…coffee…it smells so good…


…and looks so good in the jar…


Tempering the chocolate


Still have a way to go


The chocolate truffles are done (and I tried one – see the empty spot?)


Now the mint ones are done (and tried one – see second empty spot)


See?  I made a LOVELY mess!

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