Cupcake #3 and a Few Other Photos

I finished cupcake #3 earlier this week.


I think it’s fun.  It turned out a bit furrier than I thought it would, but I still like it.


You can’t see it real well in these pictures, but you can still see the blue part of the cupcake really well, which helps give it shape.  It doesn’t look like the abominable cupcake in real life.



I took these photos yesterday, since I was planning to post then.  I decided to post them anyway.


Lucy being cute in the sun.  Just love her!


Working on a presentation for school.  The mug was full of tea – I’m fighting a NASTY cold.  I had to include this photo, because I liked it.  Not completely sure why. 🙂


The grain-free graham crackers I was stuffing myself with.  They weren’t half bad, although next time I am going to change a few things.

5 thoughts on “Cupcake #3 and a Few Other Photos

  1. Loving your cupcakes! And there’s nothing better than a dog for company-they’re the best. I like your photo of your desk too-its way organized compared to my mess of a desk-you would shudder in revulsion if you saw it! haha! Do you eat gluten-free? I have some gluten-free cookies in my online bake sale today if you’re interested.

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the cupcakes! Yes, a dog is great company – Lucy does lots of things with me. 🙂 My desk is a wreck, too – I camped out on the kitchen table. There isn’t room for me on my desk. 🙂 I do it grain and gluten free.


    1. I say your recipe, and I’ll have to try it! Paleo Mom’s were just a bit on the sweet side for me. I made a grain-filled version a year or so ago, and they had blackstrap molasses in them, which I really liked. Paleo Mom’s recipe also tells you to roll them out really thin, and when I did, I had a hard time handling them. So there’s my review! 🙂

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