Fun With Earrings and a Few Other Photos

I know I said that I have quite a few things to post.  And I do.  But we’ve been busy.  Very busy.  I have been, um, unhappy, or maybe sad is the way to put it, to have not posted in five days.  I guess that is not that bad after all.

I had my ears pierced back in May, which I know I have not mentioned before here.  Why I finally did it is a story in itself, which I am not going to tell here today.

But one of the results of this is that I have been noticing earrings.  A lot.  On other people, on TV, just about anywhere.  I have been wanting to change my earrings, also, but my ears are healing slowly, so I haven’t been changing my earrings a whole lot.  I have changed them before, but, as it didn’t turn out wonderfully, I have been sticking to this pair (pretty much).

Now that said, I got the bug the other day, and had to try on some of my other earrings.  I only tried on one pair, but they are so fun.  I love them, and can’t wait to wear them.  I have a shirt that matches them exactly.  And I mean exactly.  I was even wearing the shirt when my good friend gave them to me.  Funny, huh?

Thank you, Sarah, for these cute earrings!  Can’t wait to wear them (for a longer time)!


Self-portraits are always a little difficult


But fun, nonetheless

A few days later, when I was babysitting, it was just lovely out.  Nice and cool, and the light was a overcast/gray light.  Which I love.  So I took Meiling and Noah outside, and took some photos.


Down the road


The pond


I’ve done something similar before here, but I just love how the telephone pole looks against the gray


3 levels 🙂


The warm glow of windows

2 thoughts on “Fun With Earrings and a Few Other Photos

  1. Fun! I love the earrings on you Allison! And your self-portrait isn’t bad at all!

    I really like the picture of the house. It reminds me that Autumn is on it’s way, and it makes me long for sweaters. *sigh* This summer has been way too long, I think. 🙂

  2. Hey Allison,

    So glad you like the earrings! I’ll try to be oh so patient as I wait with you, till you can wear them again! 🙂

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