1 Year and 1 Day

Well, it’s really happened.  Yesterday was my blog’s first anniversary.  Today is the one year and one day mark.  I am so happy and blessed to have made it this far, and really hope to continue blogging for a good, long time.

(When I mentioned yesterday that my blog was reaching its first anniversary, Meiling said, “Are you getting engaged?”  and I replied, “Yes, to you.”  She then offered to make me a pickle ring, as she was eating pickles during this momentous occasion.  So I asked her what she would do if I ate the pickle ring.  She said I would have to buy my own ring then.  I’m not sure she understands the meaning of “anniversary.”)

I still remember when I first set up this blog,  looking through all the themes and trying to choose one.  And then when I sent out an email to everyone I forgot to paste the link in the email.  Not exactly graceful.

Now, 132 posts, 7,976 views, 410 comments, and 70 followers later,  I am so happy with how great it’s been.

But it really wouldn’t have been possible without you.

If I had posted and no one liked my posts, commented, followed, or even just looked at it, this would have been no fun.

No fun at all.

So thank you to all of you who made this special.

Thank you to everyone who has liked any of my posts.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to leave a comment.

Thank you to everyone who has followed my blog.

And thank you to everyone who just stopped by to look.

You are the people who made this fun.

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