Miscellaneous Food

So on Monday, in the afternoon, our co-op order arrived.  I was so happy to get the coconut milk and the dates.  I had been waiting for the coconut milk in particular to make coconut milk ice cream (and try some in coffee, too, once I had looked at it and decided it would be good for such a purpose).  So I set out to make coconut milk ice cream.  It turned out good, nothing great.  It tasted like the stuff we’ve bought at the store before.  Next time I am going to try a more interesting flavor.  This is the recipe I used, but I used honey instead of the agave syrup.



I must confess that before I used the ice cream maker on Monday I didn’t know what the hole on top was for.  But I soon found out.


It is for trying the ice cream as it is being made.  You just stick a spoon in there and it immediately fills with ice cream (since the ice cream is moving).  Of course you have to hold it the right way for this to work (i.e. not backwards).  Requires skill.  Much skill.  Which I just happen to have.  (My dad suggested that the hole is for adding ingredients.  I still think its main purpose is for eating the frozen deliciousness inside.)


For dinner we were making red sauce and pasta.  I didn’t remember for a bit that I couldn’t have the pasta.

Hmmm.  Now that was going to make itself a bit of a problem.  Especially since I had forgotten what I had previously decided to do instead of pasta.

Then I remembered.

I checked out this awesome book from the library, called Fresh Fast Green.  It had a recipe for summer squash linguine.  Although she didn’t mention it, I thought it would be a great bed for pasta sauce.  Hey, at least I had to try, right?

Well, it was AMAZING!  I didn’t miss the pasta at all.  My dad liked it, too.  Definitely a make-again.


The julienne-sliced squash, ready to be cooked


My plate with my zucchini linguine (as I termed them).  And kale.  I love kale.


The coconut milk ice cream, which I had after dinner


Yesterday I split the box of dates.  (We bought a big box and split it with a friend.)  Having all those dates out made me want to try something with them.  So I did.

You may remember from this post that I tried Larabars.  Now I have come to love Larabars.  But I had heard that you could make them.  Well, actually, I saw another recipe that I wanted to try (for some raw chocolate ball things), so that’s why we got the dates.  But I decided to try the Larabar recipe too.  So I made some chocolate Larabars.

THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!  WAY better that the store bought ones.  I have actually been craving them more that the ice cream, if you can believe that.  And most of the rest of my family liked them, too.

This is a site with a bunch of links to other sites with lots and lots more Larabar recipes.  *Note*  I have not been to all these sites, and I don’t necessarily approve all that is on each website.  Use discretion.  Just lots of great recipes to try.


Dates, my inspiration


All the ingredients in the food processor


Chopped up – It was a little hard to form into bars, but once I got a handful of the stuff and started kneading it, it stuck together fairly well,  Next time I will probably try adding a bit of water.


Eating one later.  These things were great, even if they didn’t look great.

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  1. Found it! 🙂 For some reason, this one didn’t go to my inbox…

    It was great talking to you today! See you next week!

    In Christ,

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