Chocolate Pudding, or My First Primal Dessert

Last night when I was sitting next to my mom during dinner, I said, “I can’t think of a good reason to eat or not to eat that Larabar.”  When we were out and about, I had brought it with me, but hadn’t eaten it.  We were pretty close to home when I felt hungry enough to want it.  So now that I hadn’t eaten it, I knew it was there. And I wanted it.  But I couldn’t think up a good enough reason to eat it, or even a good enough reason not to eat it.  Quite a dilemma, hey?

As we were cleaning up the kitchen, I opened the fridge and happened to see a few avocados sitting there.  Now, when there are avocados in the fridge, that usually means they are ripe and need to be used up.  Suddenly I had an idea as I remembered something that I had seen before.

“Mom,” I said, “Are you going to use these avocados for anything, or may I have them?”

“You can have them,” she replied.

Yay!  Now time for a little fun.

I turned on my computer and pulled up this recipe, which I had seen before.  Thankfully, I had all the ingredients, so I got right in to making the pudding.

Yes, chocolate pudding with avocados.  They are the key to making creamy dairy-free pudding.  With the other flavors in the pudding, you can’t taste them, and it does not affect the color at all.  Since you don’t cook the pudding, it is also considered raw.

The pudding was very easy.  All it requires is for all the ingredients to be whirled together in a food processor or blender until nice and creamy.  Mmmm…

And I now had the perfect reason to not eat that Larabar.

I really liked this recipe as it was so simple, and the pudding was great.  I used honey as the sweetener, which could be tasted in the pudding.  I still think it’s great.  The pudding is especially filling.  I gave myself a good-sized serving of it, and was only able to eat about 2/3 of it, and I gave a couple bites to my brother.  He also had a significantly smaller bowl than mine, and said it was really filling and was quite full.  I would definitely make it again!

If you’ve never been to Immer Wachsen, I would encourage you to check it out.  I found it a while ago, and I really enjoyed looking at her recipes.  I am planning to try some of them in the future.  I think this one and this one (I am going to try to make it coffee) look particularly delicious!




In the food processor


And, folks, this is where the magic happens!


Now it looks like chocolate pudding, doesn’t it?


No need to wait for it to thicken!


Drake was sitting across from me and took my picture while I was eating pudding.

7 thoughts on “Chocolate Pudding, or My First Primal Dessert

  1. wowow. I adore chocolate and avocados and healthy recipes… this one definitely calls for a try. Thanks! 😀

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