Republican Senatorial Debate, a Trip to Fitz’s, and a Farmer’s Market

Last night was the Republican Senatorial debate, and we were able to attend!  We didn’t know until shortly before hand, but the event was videoed and broadcasted on TV.  Broadcasted LIVE!  It looked just like the debates always do on TV, but we were in the audience instead of staring at a screen.  I was glad that we got to be there.  It was interesting to hear the debate in person, especially when things started getting a bit heated.  I would have to say that my current favorite is Akin.  You can go here to read more about the debate.

After the debate was over, Dad took us to the Fitz’s restaurant for soda and snacks.  All my siblings and I chose to get bottomless mugs.  I ordered black cherry.  It was gooood!  Drake polished off his first pint of root beer in about 15 seconds after it arrived.  Dad commented that he should have told our server that Drake was going to keep him busy.  When we were finished, I had 3 pints, but Drake had finished four.

While Drake was downing root beer (either number 2 or 3),  Dad said, “Maybe we should ask what the record is.”

“I could probably beat it,”  Drake replied, “Unless it’s some crazy number.  But I could still probably beat it.”

We didn’t ask about the record, so he didn’t have to try.

This morning Mom and I went to a Farmers’ and Artists’ Market about a half hour from our home.  It was much better than the market we went to last Saturday that didn’t have any fresh produce.  This market had about 25-30 stalls, and at least half of them had fresh produce.  We purchased some tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and beans.  I ate one of the tomatoes for lunch, and it was just perfect.  I sliced it up, drizzled it with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, sprinkled it with salt (and I put a little cheese on one slice), and gobbled it up.  It was sooo dee-lish-us.  Mmmm…  Don’t you just love summer’s bounty?  What is your favorite summer vegetable/fruit?  I love tomatoes, and fruit would have to be the amazing peaches we get.  We’ll be getting them in a week or so!


At the debate


At Fitz’s


Meiling with a straw behind her ear (not quite sure where she got the straw, since she had it before our drinks came)


Waiting for soda


My black cherry soda


Dad’s float






Our empties (it’s a bit blurry)

5 thoughts on “Republican Senatorial Debate, a Trip to Fitz’s, and a Farmer’s Market

  1. 20-35 vendors?! Wow. That’s big. (Maybe not, but I’m used to only about 6!)

    My favorite summer veggetable? Eh, that’d be green beans? (Greens are more a spring and fall things so I guess they don’t count; but collards and mustards are my favorite, along with carrots and green beans 😉 )

    Favorite fruit–don’t know :0 (Tomatoes! They are technically a fruit after all 🙂 )

    I love root beer! Unfortunately, right now I can’t have any. Cute picture of Meiling…

  2. Hi Allison,

    Where is the farmer’s market that you went to? I think my mother would love to go to it, as our garden isn’t doing so well this year.

    See you next Tuesday!

    In Christ,

  3. Todd Akin, Fitz’s, and Farmer’s Markets: all things I like. I remember going to Fitz’s, and I think it was right after a Tea Party rally outside Senator McCaskill’s St. Louis office. I would have to say that (at the moment) my favorite summer fruit would be peaches and vegetable would be okra.

    -Peter B.
    Deo Vindice

    1. Mmm…we are going to get the really good peaches here in the next week or so. They will let us know when they are ready. We are looking forward to it!


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