In the Kitchen

Today Mom and the boys had many places to go.  Meiling and I stayed home.  After a few games this morning, we decided to cook up some yum in the kitchen.

When I received this book for my birthday, I wanted to try the soda recipe.  Today we made the Blueberry Lemon Soda.  It was very easy, although we won’t know how it turned out for a few days.  The soda needs to sit for a few days to carbonate.

After you make the syrup, there is a blueberry mixture left over.  The author suggests that you don’t throw it away, but make jam or a pie with it.  We decided to do the latter.  I pulled out my blueberry pie recipe, and we followed it as closely as we could.  The pie was pretty good.  Dad didn’t like it as much as the last time I made it, but it was still yummy.

For dinner, I am making Pioneer Woman’s Tequila Lime Chicken and her Mexican Rice, with beans and salad on the side.  Everything turned out wonderfully.  The rice was a bit spicy, though, and a little undercooked.  Still good, and definitely edible.  🙂

While I made dinner, Meiling set up a restaurant and was serving food.  She made a dish for her patrons she titles “mish-mash,” and looks like noodles. Hmm.  Not sure I want to try it.


The berry/sugar/water mixture, ready to cook – when I set this on the stove, Meiling looked at it and declared, ”That looks like chili powder!”


My little helper


The blueberry lemon syrup, ready to be made into soda


Meiling, with the syrup and soda in the foreground


For the pies, I needed to grate a green apple and squeeze all the juice out of it.  I put a little bit of sugar in it, heated it gently on the stove to melt the sugar,  and gave it to Meiling.  (When I put the juice on the stove , she informed me I was taming the sugar.)


She said it was good, but a little sour.


The pie filling


Mexican rice!


Lucy, doing what she does best – being cute!


Meiling taking orders at her restaurant


Her table


Serving her imaginary customers


Yes, that is mish-mash


The chef in the kitchen


My dinner with Mom’s margarita


Note the black diamonds on the chicken.  The recipe says to do that, but I only accomplished it on one side of one piece of chicken (out of 8 pieces of chicken).


Dad’s much prettier plate (his chicken doesn’t have the black diamonds, though).

7 thoughts on “In the Kitchen

  1. Sounds like you had a delightful day with your little sis!

    . . . by the way, I JUST GOT MY NEW LENS TODAY!!!! 🙂 We ended up purchasing it at the camera store in St. Charles. SO EXCITED!

  2. I like your little helper’s haircut!
    I think that I wouldn’t mind trying that ‘mish-mash’, if only to satisfy my interest!

    1. We got her hair cut recently, and we though it would be nice and cool for summer. Thanks!
      I told Meiling that you wouldn’t mind trying mish-mash, and she laughed and said, “It’s some kind of baby food I made up.”


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