Yesterday I turned seventeen.  It’s rather hard to believe that I am seventeen.  I don’t feel quite as grown-up as I used to think I would when I was seventeen (or when I was sixteen, for that matter).  I remember wanting to be “grown-up.”  Now that I am seventeen, I’m realizing that it really isn’t all that grown-up.  Growing up has impressed me with a feeling, though, of everything not being the same way forever.  I am beginning to realize that the time I have here in my father’s house is probably limited, and even if it isn’t, I won’t have this time to speak into my siblings’ lives the way I do now.  We will always be friends, but someday I may be living in a home of my own or they will be living in a home of their own, and it won’t always be like it is today.  So to all you younger ladies out there who just can’t wait to grow up:  don’t try to push growing up.  I know this is hard, because there are times that I can’t wait to be more grown-up.  But remember – what you have today won’t be the same tomorrow.  Your little siblings grow up and things change.  Use the time and opportunities that He has given you today wisely, and don’t yearn after tomorrow – don’t worry, it will come.

So yesterday was my birthday.  Daddy was planning on taking the day off, but he was having a problem at work, and we were not sure whether he would be able to take the day off.  Thankfully he only had to work until ten or so, and was able to have the rest of the day off.  After lunch and opening gifts, we went to downtown St. Charles to walk around and go to antique stores.  It was fun, even though we didn’t find anything.  St. Charles has many cute little stores, and it is fun to go down there and look around.  After that, we stopped and got some cookies at Grandma’s Cookies (a cute little bakery on Main Street) and got some drinks at Starbucks (you know it – MOCHA!).  Mom made me chicken and potato bake for dinner – delicious and pretty simple.  After dinner we watched a few episodes of Cake Boss, which is a show about an Italian family-owned bakery in New Jersey.  It was a wonderful day!


In the window of an antique shop – old meets new


I like the railroad track.  Unfortunately, that dumpster was in the way.  It was a little big for me to move, so I had to have it in the picture. 🙂





In an antique store


A pretty quilt



See anything that doesn’t quite belong?  Tell me!




This little mouse was sitting outside of Starbucks.  Dad gave him a little piece of his cookie.  We tried to warn them – if you give a mouse a cookie…


What was left of the cookies




Lens cap


On the way home

14 thoughts on “17

  1. A late happy birthday, sweet friend! I completely understand your sentiments about your age, at 21 (well, in July i’ll be 21) I don’t feel any different than when I was 17 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! May the Lord greatly bless you in this 18th year of life!

  2. Allison, looks like you had a marvelous birthday celebration! ‘Hope it is only the beginning of a wonderful year ahead. May God be there to bless & guide you along the way as you continue to spread your wings in this adventure called “life” ! Lots of love to you from Aunt Janet & Uncle Jim

  3. Happy Birthday, Allison!
    Sounds like you had a great birthday! (Shopping would not be my choice of birthday thrills, but hey! I’m not typical 🙂 )

    You didn’t exactly say it, but growing up can be hard. I have had some trouble grasping the fact that I’m supposed to be grown-up! And then of course the realization that life changes–that’s the ‘scary’ part; the unknown.

    Happy Birthday!
    Love, Racheal

    1. Yes – growing up can be scary. The leaving of the childhood that I’ve always know for this transition into unknown adulthood is somewhat uncomfortable.
      Thank you!

  4. Two days late…but nevertheless, Happy Birthday!!!
    I don’t think about “growing up” too much…but I understand what you are talking about. I know that I’m growing up…but that doesn’t mean that I’m not still a kid, for right now anyway 🙂
    (Some interesting facts about April 19th: it was the day Philip Melanchthon died in the 1560; it was the day the shot was fired that was “heard round the world” in 1776; and it was the day of the Oklahoma City bombing in1995…and I’m sure countless other events!)
    Love, Katherine

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