The Creek

Next to our home runs a private road.  Part of it has gravel, but the majority of it is just a mix of rocks, dirt, and plants.  The trees grow over it, so most of the way is shaded.  The wildflowers are blooming next to it.  After about a ten or fifteen minute walk down this road, you reach the creek.

When you first reach the creek, you walk out under the open sky into full sun.  On the right the creek is shallow and shaded with tall trees arching over it, giving the water underneath a dappled look.  On the left there are lots of rocks, with the creek getting narrower and deeper, with trees hanging over it from the farther bank.

We walked down to the creek this past Sunday.  I took my camera (surprise, surprise).  We also brought our black lab Shadow, who loves to swim.  Noah and Meiling played fetch with her, and Dad threw the ball occasionally.  I took pictures of the whole thing.

Here are some of the photos.  I was quite unhappy as there were all these lovely wildflowers and I hadn’t brought my macro lens, since I was trying to reduce baggage. 🙂




The road to the creek


This looks fairytale-like to me


To the right


I love water, ripples…


…and sun sparkles!




Throwing the ball for the dog


Playing in the water


I found this plant interesting


Sloshin’ around


To the left


When you get wet, you have to shake all that water off.


Sometimes your lips look weird.


But it always feels good


Oh yeah




This is going to be a new tradition – a lens cap picture wherever I go


More dog shaking off pictures – sorry, they’re just so fun


That feels good.


Just lovin’ those yellow boots


Foot pictures…also very fun




Flowers without a macro lens


I like how this one turned out


Where we took a little stroll – an even older road

So what did you do for Resurrection Sunday?  We didn’t do a whole lot.  Since some of us have been sick, we stayed home from church so not to infect everyone.  Nothing to fancy – we went to the creek, read Bible, played badminton, and had dinner.  Do you have a Resurrection Sunday tradition?

Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “The Creek

  1. Allison, I LOVE the pics of your Lab shaking!! They make me smile because we have a yellow Lab and a black Lab and we’ve gotten funny pictures of their lips doing weird things, too. 🙂 They are so cute!
    We traveled up to Appleton, WI on Ressurection Day to visit family.

    1. I was on Pioneer Woman’s blog, and she had photos of her dog shaking, and it was so funny that I had to try. I’m glad you liked them!

  2. Hmmm, I know of a fictional dog named Shadow…I think that is a great name for a black lab…I like Labradors a lot, especially the black ones. Lovely pictures, it looks like you live in a beautiful area…Most of us went to church Resurrection Sunday, minus one, but directly after the service we had to hurry down to the hospital due to Grandpa being not well, however that’s not a story to expound on here…I guess if you’ve been reading Racheal’s blog you’re probably up-to-date.
    By the way, have you seen my blog? Not much there as of yet…

  3. I believe that ‘interesting plant’ is sourdock…sure is a nuisence in the garden and rhubarb patch 🙂 They are interesting looking though, I’ll admit.

    1. I found it interesting that it was growing in the water! 🙂 I can’t say that I’ve seen one in our garden, but it does look like it would be difficult to pull.

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