Mocha Brownies

It was Friday, somewhere about 6:00 p.m.  I was in the kitchen washing dishes, dinner being ready.  And that’s when it hit me.

I need Mocha Brownies.

Right now.

I know the difference between want and need, but I NEEDED Mocha Brownies.  Since dinner was ready, I pulled out The Pioneer Woman Cooks which I am borrowing from a friend, and whipped up a batch of her Mocha Brownies.  It was pretty simple and didn’t take too long.  I wasn’t too impressed with the brownie part, which I had over baked slightly (I am also a bit of a chocolate snob, so I am a little spoiled).  But the frosting.  Oh, the frosting.  It. Was. Good.  Rich, mocha-y, and delicious, I will definitely make it again.  I only got photos when I was making the frosting and baking the brownies, so no pictures of the finished brownies.  I was going to take a picture today when I ate the last one, but it was a rather dried up, sorry looking brownie (it still tasted pretty good).


The absolutely amazing mocha frosting




…and cooling

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