A few days ago I read an interview on a blog.  Yesterday I got the grand idea that I should do an interview for my blog.  My brother Drake sweetly consented.  I didn’t have a planned list of questions, so the interview is somewhat erratic.  It was fun, or as least I thought it was, and I hope you enjoy reading!


Allison: Thank you for consenting to this interview.
Drake: You’re welcome.

Allison: So, how was your day today?
Drake: Pretty good.

Allison: What have you been up to?
Drake: School.

Allison: You are sure giving me tons of information to work with.
Drake: yup.

A: Thanks.
D: You’re welcome. Is this the end of the interview?

A: No
D: Oh my.

A: If I would cook/bake anything for you right now, what would it be?
D: Hmmm.. Give me a minute to think about this. Probably the shrimp asparagus thing. Whatever that’s called.

A: it’s been awhile since we’ve had that.
D: [No comment.]

A: Alright then –
D: Alright what?

A: If you could watch any movie right now, what would it be?
D: “The Avengers,” if it was out.

A: Pick something else that is out
D: No.

A: Yes. Come on, pick something.
D: Ahh… I think you need to think about your questions before hand.

A: I did!
D: Doesn’t seem like it.

A: Have you been listening to the news lately?
D: No.

A: Anything of interest that you could share with us (I will not accept no)?
D: Who does it have to be interesting to?

A: You.
D: I think I found some more ways to upgrade my computer, but I won’t go into that, since I don’t know how many nerds follow your blog.

A: I don’t think there are very many
D: O.K.

A: What is your current favorite song?
D: U2 – “Where the Streets Have no Name.”

A: What dessert thing would you have me make right now?
D: Crème Brulee

A: Favorite food?
D: Brrrrrr….. I always have to think about this one for while. It changes over time, depending what mood I am in. Right now, a Chipotle steak burrito, and a 2-liter Mountain Dew. Not a 2-liter, just a Mountain Dew. A 2-liter makes me sound like a pig.

A:If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
D: Library

A: What books would you want to look at?
D: Web development and marketing.

A: Very interesting.

A: Have you fed the dog?
D: Is that a part of the interview?

A: Yes.
D: Because answering that question violates my religious principles. I say that and I can see the dog’s tail wagging. [The dog was staring at Drake through the window, and when she saw him talking, she wagged her tail.]

A: What are your religious principles that we are violating?
D: [no answer – just a silly smile]

A: Am I supposed to take that for an answer?
D: [same silly smile, with a suppressed laugh]

A: O.K.

A: If you weren’t doing this interview, what would you be doing right now?
D: Uhh… listening to U2 and reading Jim Cramer’s Real Money. Or reading a book to Meiling, my younger sister, which I promised to do.

A: That’s nice.
D: What’s nice?

A: Reading to your younger sister.

A: Are you bored?
D: Kinda.

A What would you like me to ask you for this interview?
D: [no answer]

A: O.K., what is one of your main goals this year?
D:[laughs] Get my A+ certification.

A: Can you explain what that is for our readers?
D: Uhh… basic computer technician certification.

A: What super power would you like?
D: Wolverine or Spiderman –  [Wolverine] – super strength, body that heals itself quickly, and claws that come out of my hands. [Spiderman] – super strength, ability to climb up walls, and then be able to shoot webbing.

A: What non-existing tech would you like to exist?
D: Iron Man suit. Like the Iron Man suit from the movie. From “Avengers,” because he has a cooler suit in that movie. Even though it isn’t out yet.

A: Any lasting comments that you would like to leave us with?
D: No.

A: Thank you for doing this interview.
D: You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “Interview

  1. All fixed Allison! So glad! I really enjoy reading your blog… This post brought a laugh to my lips 😀 Hope you are having a blessed day!
    Joyfully in the Lord,

  2. Thank you for letting us know, Brytni. I just read this interview for the first time. Very interesting. It gives me some good ideas of what to include in my next conversation with my older children.

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