Meiling Says

My little sister Meiling sometimes comes up with the funniest little things.  We get a kick out of hearing them, and I thought you might enjoy a few that she has said over yesterday and today.

Meiling, while holding tweezers and a toothpick from a Swiss Army Knife: “These are my tweezers and I am pretending this is my needle.  Can I be your doctor?”

Yesterday Meiling told Dad, ”I wish I could marry you, so you would be nicer to me.”  When asked to expound on this, she told us that Mom can tell Dad what to do, and she wants to tell Dad what to do.  She equates asking Dad to do something to telling him what to do.

This following conversation ensued when I mentioned that my blueberry fermented drink was too sweet.

Me:  This is too sweet.

Mom:  I saw you putting honey in there, and you were going a little crazy.

Meiling:  I like sweet things.

Mom:  That’s why you like Daddy – because he’s sweet.

Meiling:  No, I like Daddy because he buys me chips, Bug Juice [a drink that is at our local gas station], a hot dog, and a bun, because it’s bread.

Meiling was playing that she was an explorer/duck hunter this morning.  Noah questioned her on how to become a fellow explorer/duck hunter, and among other things, this was her answer:

“To be on my side, you need to have a voting card.”

I guess going to the caucus rubbed off on her.

So far, in order to be on Meiling’s good side, you need to marry her so she can boss you around (or just let her boss you around – that would probably work too), buy her bug juice, chips, and a hot dog and bun, and have a voting card.

There you have it: a sampling of Meiling’s humorous sayings.

2 thoughts on “Meiling Says

  1. That’s hilarious! I love little sibling quotes! And it’s good to write them down so you remember them.

  2. My favorite “Meiling Quote” is when she says why she loves your daddy 🙂 So cute 🙂 Also, your mom building your dad up in front of her and you all by saying he is sweet is such a good example! May each of us girls/young women take such examples and be ready to implement them when we are married (or even now toward our father and brothers). A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver! (Proverbs 25:11) Thank you Mrs. H. for the good example! 🙂

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