(Mostly) Spring Flowers

Yesterday I went out and took some pictures. All the flowers were blooming, so I crawled around in the dirt to take a few photos.  Dirty, yes, and rather uncomfortable, but I ended up with some fun pictures.  I got a tick after all that, though, so I’ll have to do a tick check next time.  Bugs are supposed to be bad this year since we didn’t have a real winter.  That means more ticks. 😦

Back to the subject at hand.  Here are some of the pictures.


There are a few lovely tulips – I like this one especially




Aren’t the pansies’ little faces so cute?




That yellow is quite bright!




Spring Beauties




I think this flower is so pretty












Do you see what I see? Everything’s turning…











5 thoughts on “(Mostly) Spring Flowers

  1. Beautiful sequence of well composed images. Your macro shots are very effective, bringing out detail & colour for dramatic effect. 🙂

  2. Lovely photos Alison! You did a splendid job! I especially like the pansies. Oh, and I like the ending pic…Drake looks just as good in green as the trees 😉 I am sure your parents are happy to have there own personal car washer too 😀 Hope all is well with you! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  3. I wonder…is it because you two have the same birthday that both you and Katherine LOVE to take pictures of flowers? 🙂

    No matter though, they are all very pretty. I particularly like that multi-colored pansy…rather ‘feista’ colors, isn’t it?

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