Sons of Georgia Premier

Some dear friends of ours have been working on the movie “Sons of Georgia.”  They are nearing the end of about a year or more of planning and hard work.

The premier is next month.  We are planning to attend.  I am looking forward to seeing the movie, now that it is all finished!

Here is some information about the movie that my friend sent to me:

“You are all invited to the “Sons of Georgia” Premiere on Saturday, April 21st at 10:30 A.M. Children of Light Productions will be showing this film at the Hi-Pointe Theatre in Clayton, Missouri. This film will present Sherman’s epic March to the Sea through the eyes of the Georgia citizens. We would love for you to be able to attend. The “Sons of Georgia” DVD will be for sale at the premiere showing.

Samuel Saffa is the film’s producer and Stephen Littmann Jr. is the director. This 58 minute film is the product of many homeschool families in the St. Louis area and some in different directions outside of St. Louis … even as far as Texas. The film features as the Blanding family … Darrel and Terri Mays, Samuel and Gracie Lee Saffa, Addison Brown, Abriana Price, Ezra Proch and Evan Petzoldt . The first shoot, “Civil War Ball Scene”, was filmed at the 2011 CHEF Homeschool Conference.

The Hi-Pointe Theatre is located at 1005 McCausland Ave. next to the large Amoco sign near the St. Louis Zoo. Please plan for extra time to park and walk to theatre.”

For more information about “Sons of Georgia,” you can view their website here.

One thought on “Sons of Georgia Premier

  1. I first heard of this project through the fella who did at least some of the music. He posted on his blog what the film was and I went to go look at it and went–hey! I’ve met some of these people!!

    It’s neat that they’ve got it done! Maybe I can get it…I’d like to.

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