Men’s Advance

Things have been a bit quite around here, I know.  The reason for the calm is this past weekend was our church’s Men’s Advance.  I was helping in the kitchen this year, making the food for all the conference goers.

For me, the Advance started on Thursday, when we went shopping for all the food for the Advance.  It was my first year helping with the shopping, and it was tiring, but very fun.  I spent most of the day with Melissa running around to various stores while everyone else did the Costco shopping.  We purchased so much food!

The Advance started at six o’clock with dinner.  The kitchen help arrived at the church around two o’clock.  In addition to making dinner, we also did some prep for the next day.  Between Friday and Saturday, we made dinner, breakfast, and lunch for 128 and dinner for 250.  That is about 640 plates.

Melissa, Sarah, Lydia, and I got to the church at 5:45 on Saturday morning.  We had to be there that early, since breakfast was at 7:30, and we needed to get everything started.

I had been put in charge of making the wraps for lunch, since I had tested the recipes.  Melissa helped me so much in figuring out how to set up the assembly line to make the wraps.  She also showed us how to wrap the wraps, since I didn’t know how. (Rather funny, I know.  I was in charge of the wraps, yet I didn’t know how to wrap them. :))

On Saturday night there was a concert and dinner for all the families of the men who came to the Advance.  This meal takes the most work, since there are more people to feed.

The concert was given by the Wintons.  The Wintons are a father and his two sons that play bluegrass/gospel music together.  They are quite good.

Even though it was exhausting, it was a wonderful weekend.  I enjoyed making some new friends, visiting with old friends, and working in the kitchen.  Next year will be fun!


Friday – making the egg casseroles for Saturday morning


The casseroles


Lots of eggs


Making the egg mixture for the casseroles




Spaghetti sauce for Saturday’s dinner


There are LOTS of dishes!


Triple chocolate biscotti


Saturday – leftover coffee from the day before, which Melissa made into delicious “iced” (cold) coffee/mochas.


My “iced” mocha


Lunch – Southwestern Chicken Wraps, arranged by Melissa


The concert


Sunday evening – We went to our pastor’s home to spend time with the Morecrafts.  Dr. Morecraft was one of the speakers at the conference.


Hiding behind the camera


Isn’t she just so cute?


Smiling for the camera




Some very dear friends of ours who were in town.  It was so great to see you!

5 thoughts on “Men’s Advance

  1. Thank you for the food. It was great! And your pictures are good as well. It’s nice to see the other side of the event.

    I really enjoyed the evening with Pastor Morecraft. I think I could have stayed up all night listening to him and asking questions.

    -Peter Bringe
    Deo Vindice

  2. Hey Allison,

    Thanks so much for posting! To be sure, lots of fun memories were had over those four days!

    . . . goodnight from the golden state! Wish you were here! 🙂

    –Sarah S.

  3. Wow…sounds like a lot of work and fun! You had to get up earlier than we do when we work the cows!! I’d be totally exhausted by lunch time 🙂 (Or more honestly, I would have had to have at least two breakfasts by then…)

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