A Wintry Day

It snowed last night.  A lovely, sticky snow that stuck to everything.  It outlined all the trees in white, which looked so beautiful with the gray sky behind them.  Even though I was busy this morning, the snow didn’t melt before I had time to photograph it. 🙂

After I came inside, I made chocolate chip cookies. I used the America’s Test Kitchen recipe, which is just wonderful!  What a great thing to do on a snowy day.




The snow stuck on this stick at intervals, looking somewhat like polka dots.




I like the wooden fences. 🙂


I went out to take pictures of this specifically.


Isn’t it pretty?










Doesn’t this remind you of a hedgehog or a porcupine?




Making the cookies: lots of butter


The sugar/egg/butter mixture – very yummy




2 thoughts on “A Wintry Day

  1. Pretty pictures Allison…the clump of grass does remind one of a porcupine…the wagon with the snowy hay streaming over the sides struck me as looking like some funny imaginary creature…maybe that just says I have a strange imagination? Who knows….maybe I’ve just watched “Aristocats” many times and it reminds me of an interesting “critter” called a “one wheeled hay stack”! Only yours is a triple-four-wheeled hay stack!!

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