A Saturday Trip

Today Mom and I went and did some shopping.  We had to go to Costco, but we also stopped at the library.  Well, when I go to the library, I like to go down the nonfiction isles and just select books that look interesting and make a big pile of the ones I want to check out.  I then try to walk around carrying the pile and not drop anything.  I found a few good books that I am looking forward to perusing.  One is titled Grow Your Own Drugs and it is about home remedies.  It has great photography, too.  I also checked out a few books on photography, and the one I got on photographing children has some lovely photos in it.

A while ago I found a thirty piece set of Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles transferware on Craig’s List.  I purchased it today and I am so excited.  Old Britain Castles is one of my favorite patterns.


My dishes after I washed them


The bowls – I didn’t have any soup bowls yet, so I am excited to have 8 now!


Dessert plates


Dinner plates


I didn’t get this platter today, but my mama bought it for me in December and I never posted a picture of it.  The picture on it is of Loch Creran.


The books I got at the library

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