Of Shrimp and Singed Hair

On Tuesday I made Shrimp Fra Diavolo for dinner.  When I had picked this recipe to be part of the meal plan this month, I only read the ingredient list and not the directions.  On Tuesday afternoon I sat down and read through the directions, and found out that I had to light the dish on fire.  After frying the shrimp, I had to add the brandy, then wave a lit match over the dish to ignite it, and shake it until the flames subsided.

Now this was something entirely new to me.

Mom had to run to the store while I was making dinner, and Dad was also running some errands, so she had me wait until one of them came home to start dinner.

They both arrived home around the same time, and I commenced with the cooking.   While the pan was heating, I brought my camera and set it within arm’s reach so I would be able to take a picture of the flaming shrimp.

When the time came to light the dish, I asked Mom to come and light it.

“I don’t want to do that,” she replied.

“Well, neither do I,” I said.

My brother immediately jumped in. “I’ll do it!”

He picked up the matches.  I added the brandy to the very hot pan, which caused a lot of steam.

“When do I do it?” he called.

“Now!” I called back.

“What do I light?” he asked, while striking the match and holding it over the pan.

Well, I never got to answer him, for as soon as that match got over the pan, the flames shot up all the way to the ceiling.  I didn’t do any shaking of the pan, for the flames got too close to my hand and the potholder, and I let go.  My dad quickly pulled my brother back from the fire.

This all transpired in about 5 seconds.  After that the fire went out.

No one was hurt, but my sweet brother did get his hair singed.  Well, never a dull moment.

In the heat of all the action, I didn’t get any photos of the flames. 😦


Drake, after lighting my dish


Singed hair


Shrimp Fra Diavolo


9 thoughts on “Of Shrimp and Singed Hair

  1. Yikes! That sounds like a dangerous dish! 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad Drake wasn’t actually hurt.
    After all that, was the shrimp good? (It looks good.)

  2. The shrimp was O.K. It had a unique flavor that I think came from the brandy that most of my family didn’t like. Shrimp doesn’t agree with me, so I didn’t enjoy it that much, either. I think Noah was the only one who like it.


    1. Oh well… Brandy flavor does take some getting used too! Good for Noah! That is what I call a good brother! Loves whatever concoction his sissy decides to cook! 🙂

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