Two years ago in the summer I did a meal plan for most of the month.  Ever since then, my mom has been asking me to do a meal plan.  I never did one until December, when I made one for this month. 

I have been following it with only a few alterations now, and it is so nice to know what we are going to have for dinner when I wake up in the morning.  Before we had the meal plan, Mom would ask,”What should we have for dinner?”  She asked this question so much and since she got the same answer just about every time, my little sister quickly picked it up.

“Something easy,” Meiling would answer.

Tonight for dinner, I made America’s Test Kitchen’s Meatloaf.  We have made this a few times before, and it is very good.  Whenever we make it, my dad always says how good it would be for a meatloaf sandwich, but it is so good there haven’t been any leftovers for a sandwich.  I doubled the recipe this time, so there should be plenty.


All the lovely ingredients


O.K., not the best picture, but one of the meatloaves baking

Picture 030 - Copy

Just in case you were wondering, five years ago today I was touring the Forbidden City

One thought on “Meatloaf

  1. I love love love meatloaf… and I love meatloaf sandwiches. The “other” Melissa made me one once that put all others to shame… She put it on homemade bread with cheddar cheese and Sweet Baby Rays then toasted the whole thing to yummy delicious perfection!!!

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