Five Years Ago (Part 1)

Five years ago yesterday my parents and I boarded a plane heading for Beijing.  It was the beginning of our journey to bring my little sister home.

Five years ago today we landed in Beijing, made our way through Beijing rush-hour traffic, and spent our first night in Beijing.  (The flight was 12-1/2 hours long.  Because of the time difference, we left at about noon on January 24 and arrived at about 4 o’clock no January 25.)

Over the next few weeks, I hope to post about out trip to China, even though it was five years ago.  It will be fun for me to share some pictures and accounts of our various adventures.

Picture 001 - Copy

Waiting at the airport in Chicago – I am eating a mini Haagen-dazs vanilla ice cream my dad bought for me.  It was very yummy!

Picture 004 - Copy

In Beijing – there was a large mural of the Great Wall

Picture 007 - Copy

At the hotel – I was trying to pass the time before I went to bed.

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