Sister Time

Last night when Mom and I were at the grocery store getting a few last minute things, I spotted some Crayola Model Magic.  I remember playing with Model Magic with my brother when he & I were younger.  Mom & I stopped to look at it, and it turned out that it was on clearance, so we got a few for my younger brother and sister.  Today Meiling and I made an ice cream cone and a cake with the sets we got for her.  It was quite fun.  Now our creations are sitting on her dresser, drying.  I didn’t take any pictures while we were making them, but I took this one after we were done.


6 thoughts on “Sister Time

  1. Very cute…I’ve never heard of “Model Magic” before, but used to have fun making things from something similar, only it didn’t dry, so as to make it reusable. I’ve also enjoyed making things over the years out of “Sculpy Dough” which you bake to harden.
    Being artistic is such fun, and it is a blessing that I am thankful for. Being artistic ranges beyond creating figurines, and applies also to drawing, painting, writing, music, and even applies to the elasticity of one’s imagination…hmmm, I’ve been writing today can you tell? (Ramble, ramble, ramble… 🙂 By the way, I am not accomplished in all of the arts listed above, and that by no means is a list of all the arts either…I better quit before I end up writing a whole “post” about artistry on your “comment” page!!! )

    1. I love your “rambles,” Katherine! They are fun to read.
      We used to play with Sculpy, also. Model Magic came out a bit later, and it dries just sitting out. It also comes in colors, and they now put sparkles in it. Does Sculpy come in colors? I can’t remember.
      I am not very artistic either, and can’t draw well at all. We followed directions for the Model Magic. 🙂

      1. Thanks, I’m glad my rambles interest you! 🙂
        No, I don’t believe that Sculpy comes in colors, but you can paint it after it is baked.
        I enjoy being artsy and I love to draw!

  2. Allison! I do not know if you remember me or not but I met you years back when my family visited your church and we wrote for a little time. I just found your blog and thought I’d say hello! Hope you are doing well!

    1. Yes, I do remember you, Charis! I’m so glad you found my blog! I found yours a while ago, but haven’t left a comment (I’m rather bad about that). I’ll come by and visit soon. I am doing pretty well, despite this cold that I am still getting over. I hope you are well!

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