Our Family Christmas Party

This past weekend we went north for our family Christmas party.We were all looking forward to seeing everyone again, since the whole family hasn’t been together for 2 1/2 years!  It’s rather hard to believe it’s actually been that long.

We drove most of the day Saturday to a friends’ home where we stayed the night.  It was really fun seeing them again, also.  Thank you for your hospitality!

After church on Sunday, we drove to my aunt and uncle’s for the party.  We started the party off with visiting, snacks, and family pictures.  After pictures we had more snacks, visiting, and a family gift exchange.  I ended up with a Burt’s Bees set, with hand cream, cuticle cream, and lip balm.  I am enjoying it – thanks to whoever brought it!

When all the gifts had been exchanged, it was time for piñatas.  My aunt makes a piñata for almost every family get-together. Next was dinner.  We had Portillo’s beef (from a favorite restaurant) and pizza.  Now for the most exciting game of the evening – Family Jeopardy.  My aunt had collected questions about the family, falling into these categories: Random Facts, Famous Quotes, Holiday Memories and Traditions, By the Numbers, and Family Vacations.  It was so fun, recalling memories and hearing stories we hadn’t heard before.

We wrapped the evening up with dessert and more visiting.  It was a lovely time, and we all enjoyed it immensely!

On Monday we went back to my aunt and uncle’s home and visited some more.  We then went over to my grandparent’s home for lunch before heading home.  It was a quick trip, but wonderful.

Merry Christmas!


All together again




Snacking and visiting


My grandparents – Pop and Grandma


During the gift exchange – my mom and my aunts


Getting ready to hit the piñata




Playing “Double Double This This”

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