It’s Sparkly!

When I was nine or ten, I became interested in beading.  Mom bought some beads for me, and I got others from my grandmother.  After making a few things, the beads were retired, and they have been in a box in the basement at least since we moved (about four years ago).  The other day I got “the bug” to make a necklace, and I just had to take the beads out and look at them.  Well, I found a bead mix with some lovely blues and whites, and they really appealed to me.  Using this “Ice Blue” bead mix, some pearls, and some small crystals, I made this necklace.  I am quite happy with how it turned out!

It turns out that necklaces are also lots of fun to photograph, so I took quite a few photos. 🙂


The necklace


And now the fun begins!






Once I got the flashlight out, it was so fun catching those sparkles!




I especially like this photo and the one following


And what do you think of the snow? 🙂

8 thoughts on “It’s Sparkly!

  1. Its fun! Have you gotten real snow yet? Here in Colorado it snowed today with a high of 21. Saturday it is going to snow again with a high of 18 (that’s when we are playing fife and drum outside).

    -Peter B.
    Deo Vindice
    (Somehow I am still logged into “Uncle Sam’s” account from staying at their house)

    1. No, we haven’t gotten real snow yet, although I hope there will be some soon (I LOVE snow). It’s starting to get a little chillier, though, so I’m hoping that means real snow is not that far behind. Are you enjoying your snow? 🙂

      1. So far I have just looked at it (which is enjoyable). I and several others have been sick with various colds, so going out in the snow hasn’t been as appealing as it usually is.

        -Peter B.
        Deo Vindice

        1. Hope you and the rest of your family feel better soon. I thought I was coming down with a cold, but was able to ward it off with the help of some herbs. Noah’s got it now. 😦


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