Kitchen Creations

I haven’t been in the kitchen cooking up something new or exciting for awhile, but I mad a few fun things on Wednesday and yesterday.

Wednesday I made America’s Test Kitchen’s triple chocolate cookies.  Mine were only double chocolate, as I used bittersweet chips instead of the semisweet chips (the bittersweet chips make for a darker cookie, though:)). They turned out as wonderful as usual. I have made them several times before, and Mom and I especially like them. 


Melted chocolate – all I need is a spoon!


They taste almost like brownies

Mom took a few of us to the library on Wednesday, and I got a new cookbook titled Allergy Free Desserts, by Elizabeth Gordon.  I am really excited about it, as all the recipes in it are gluten, dairy, egg, soy, and nut free.  My brother can’t have soy, corn, wheat, some nuts, and egg whites, so I was quite excited that I have a cookbook with recipes that are free of most of those things.  I made a coffee cake for him from the book and it turned out really well.  Regrettably, it contains xanthan gum, which comes from corn. 😦  On the bright side, I found a few things that can be substituted for xanthan gum, so I am hoping to make something for him today.


Ready to go into the oven

For dinner yesterday, I made French onion soup, also an ATK recipe.  I put less balsamic vinegar in it this time, and everyone said that it was better than the two times I’ve made it before.


The bowl of onions




All ready to be eaten

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Creations

  1. All looks good Allison…particularly the chocolate.
    It’s a good thing that you are attempting to feed your brother well 🙂
    (Of course, I have found that it can sometimes be easier to forget about alternatives and just completely change the way one eats!)
    Keep it up!

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