What’s Up?

Things have been a bit quiet around here, I know.  We’ve been quite busy, and I haven’t had time to post or anything worthy of posting.  🙂

Last weekend we had a wonderful visit with a friend that we haven’t seen in awhile.  It was great just sitting around and getting to hear what she has been doing.  Can’t wait to get together with her around Christmastime.

Then on Wednesday we went to a friend’s home and stayed for three nights because my parents went to San Antonio for a few nights for their anniversary (if you want to say it right, according to Meiling, they went to “Sandy Antonio”).  We had so much fun with our friends.

A little before we went to our friend’s home and over the past few days I have been working on painting our mudroom.  The bead board and the cubbies and corner shelves have all been painted blue, and I now have to paint the walls and a few more shelves cream.

I also mixed a blend of essential oils with a carrier oils for a massage oils for my mom.  The blend contains orange, lavender, clary sage geranium, vetiver, and Roman chamomile, and it is for anxiety/stress.  I am planning to use it as a massage oil for my mom when she feels stressed.  It should be fun!


Before – all wiped and taped for painting the bead board




Halfway through – ready to paint the top


3 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. can I get in line for a massage too? (or you could teach my daughter about the oils – she’s already pretty good on the neck/back rub)

    Mrs. B

  2. Looks pretty, Allison!
    Sounds like you’re quite the aromatherapist! Are you farmiliar with thieve’s oil by any chance?

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