I’m on a Roll(er)!

Since I’ve been painting more(and I’ve discovered that it’s rather fun),  I was motivated to repaint the kitchen and part of the family room.

The kitchen used to be a brighter yellow, called “goldfinch,” which suited it exactly.  Mom has been saying for awhile that it needed to be lighter, but it never got repainted.  Once our new floor was laid, the yellow was too bright and it made the floor look yellow.  Mom picked out a the new shade and I painted the kitchen on Tuesday. 

The part of the family room that I painted used to be the same yellow as the kitchen, but after living with it for four years, Mom decided that it needed to be blue to match the rest of the family room.  I painted the first coat on Thursday, and the second coat today.

Now I have paint left for one of the upstairs bathrooms (its going to be purple – the color is called “purplicious”) and for the mud room (it was finished 3 years or so ago, but it only got primed :)).  After that I believe we are going to paint the other two bathrooms, and I can’t think of any other rooms that need to be painted off the top of my head.  Oh, except for the high part of the wall above the stairs, and I think Dad is going to do that.

That’s why I’m on a roll(er)!


The blue wall


The kitchen – the sink is opposite the wall with the stereo.  There’s not a whole lot of wall space in the kitchen, so if

I posted a picture of the actual kitchen, you wouldn’t see a whole lot of the new yellow.

4 thoughts on “I’m on a Roll(er)!

  1. I LOVE the yellow color. What brand and paint name is it? Eventually, we want to paint our kitchen yellow, too. : ) Good to talk with you on the phone the other day. Oh–I need to ask you some ideas on freezer organization. Steven got us a new-to-us little chest freezer! Call when you have a few minutes; sometime next week would be great!


    1. Hi Rebecca!
      The paint is from Lowes. It is Valspar Signature (make sure you get signature – we only had to do one coat of it over a brighter yellow, except in a few places where we used a brush) and the color is Coconut Scent.

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