I love the change of seasons.  I can’t exactly pinpoint why, but something about that change excites me.

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons.  I love all the trees changing colors and the cooler temperatures.

In our yard we have lots of trees and they put on quite a show.  In the front of the yard there is a group of trees close together.  They are so close that directly underneath them no grass grows.  I love that part of the yard.  Something about the canopy the branches form above, creating a cool, shady area beneath.  Oh, and when the wind blows through,  all those leaves rustle delightfully.  In the fall it is especially lovely, because most of the trees are maples, and their leaves turn a bright yellow, and then into a coral/red.


Lots of leaves


Some still on the trees


And some on the ground


The pile my siblings raked yesterday under my favorite trees



2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. I am another AUTUMN lover! It’s also my favorite time of the year! I really enjoyed your beautiful photos — ‘enhanced the autumn mood!
    Lots of love, Aunt Janet

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