Another Crazy Day…

Well, it’s been another crazy/busy/normal day.  I sewed in the morning, painted in the afternoon, and now am sewing in-between posting now.  We’re getting hardwood put in upstairs next week (Yay!), so we are painting all the trim and what rooms we can before the floor gets installed.  My brother and I have been painting my old room blue and orange (it’s quite bright). 

My dress is almost done, which is the good news.  The bad news is that I made the holes in the back for the rivets too big in some places, and in others I didn’t hammer in the rivets correctly (it has proven quite difficult), so I’m having problems.  Thankfully, If I ever have to redo the whole thing, it’s a fairly easy piece to replace.  Tomorrow I just need to hem the dress and put the trim on. 

I sewed the lower sleeves on today (the big, full part) and it’s almost wearable.  No pictures now (no time today:)), but hopefully soon!

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