Please meet…

…the newest additions to our animals!  My cat Elsie had kittens a few weeks ago.  She had five this time – one boy and four girls. When I name each litter of kittens, I pick a theme for all their names.  This litter’s theme is different types of fabric.  The kittens are so sweet!

They are:






Corduroy – the boy




Taffeta, or Taffy for short


And their mommy, Elsie

3 thoughts on “Please meet…

  1. Adorable! They are just SO cute! God certainly knew what he was doing when he made baby animals! They’re so CUTE we humans can’t resist them, so we take care of them! Great pictures!

  2. Just TOO cute! 🙂 I love kittens/cats. I used to only like kittens, but dogs/puppies better, but at the end of last summer, a stray kitty came and we loved him to pieces! 🙂 I miss him, because he ran away right before last thanksgiving. 😦


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