Another Crazy Day…

Well, it’s been another crazy/busy/normal day.  I sewed in the morning, painted in the afternoon, and now am sewing in-between posting now.  We’re getting hardwood put in upstairs next week (Yay!), so we are painting all the trim and what rooms we can before the floor gets installed.  My brother and I have been painting my old room blue and orange (it’s quite bright). 

My dress is almost done, which is the good news.  The bad news is that I made the holes in the back for the rivets too big in some places, and in others I didn’t hammer in the rivets correctly (it has proven quite difficult), so I’m having problems.  Thankfully, If I ever have to redo the whole thing, it’s a fairly easy piece to replace.  Tomorrow I just need to hem the dress and put the trim on. 

I sewed the lower sleeves on today (the big, full part) and it’s almost wearable.  No pictures now (no time today:)), but hopefully soon!

The Dress

I’ve been wanting to post all week, but have been so busy that I haven’t found the time. 🙂

My dress is coming along quite nicely, especially because I have the lining in (I don’t like lining).

Right now I have to finish the lower sleeves, finish the back, hem it, and put the trim on.  I should be able to finish it this week, Lord willing.


O.K., not the best picture.  The sleeve is just pinned on there.


Lately I’ve been sewing.  I’ve had this project all lined up for awhile, but I finally just pulled it out and really started working on it.

I am making a medieval dress loosely based on Susan’s Coronation Gown from the Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  You can see a picture of it here.

The body of my dress is going to be an off-white crushed velvet, and the bottom part of the sleeves is going to be a light periwinkle blue shantung.  It is going to have those big, sweeping sleeves, which I am so excited about.

I have all the pieces cut out, except the interfacing because I didn’t have enough.  I am glad that the cutting is all done.  Now I can get to the sewing!


This is the view I’m making – the pattern is McCall’s 4491


What my dress currently looks like


The fabrics up close

Please meet…

…the newest additions to our animals!  My cat Elsie had kittens a few weeks ago.  She had five this time – one boy and four girls. When I name each litter of kittens, I pick a theme for all their names.  This litter’s theme is different types of fabric.  The kittens are so sweet!

They are:






Corduroy – the boy




Taffeta, or Taffy for short


And their mommy, Elsie


Last Saturday I made marshmallows.  I made half of them regular, and the other half chocolate.  I made the chocolate marshmallows by adding some chopped 60% Ghirardelli chocolate chips into the marshmallows before they set, and by rolling the finished marshmallows in cocoa powder.  Surprisingly, the marshmallows were quite easy to make.

I got my recipe from one of my favorite cook books, Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It by Karen Solomon.  Every time I look at this book, I get excited about making something.

We took the marshmallows with us when we went to IL to visit family, and came home with a few regular marshmallows left.  I might just need to eat one right now…

O.K., here are a few pictures.


The plain marshmallows, all finished


Chocolate marshmallows, ready to be rolled


Sitting in the cocoa powder


All finished

Back From Kentucky

I know things have been quiet around here.  The reason for the quiet was that we were on vacation!  We rented a cute cabin on Rough River Lake in Kentucky for 5 days and had lots of fun just relaxing.

I love when we rent a house on vacation – it is so much cozier than staying at a hotel room.  There is plenty of room to spread out, and if we don’t feel like going anywhere,  we can just hang out.  We also didn’t have to go out to eat all the time,  as we had a full kitchen to cook in.  This cabin also had lake access, so we didn’t have to go anywhere to fish, swim, or take pictures of the water. : )

It was a lovely vacation – we rented a boat one day, went to the beach another day, and just relaxed at the cabin the rest of the time.

Here are the first group of pictures.


Down at the lake – it was pretty rocky


At the lake


I love how these ripples and droplets are frozen




A little lone plant




Chocolate Chip Cookies – the ATK recipe


Reading my Bible one day down by the lake


This has to be one of my favorites


I am planning to post more pictures soon.  I will probably also post some on our family blog, so you can check over there.  Oh, and I made some marshmallows today that I will be posting about on some future date!