Practically Finished

Well, I didn’t get to take any pictures yesterday,  but here they are today.  Daddy finished the dressers and the drawers under the bed, and he also put the closet back together.  The dressers, drawers, and closet are all still empty.  I am hoping to start transferring some things over today, but it is pretty late already.

We have the room mostly done.  There are still a few things we are going to add, like a bookcase on the on the left when you first walk in and I have a nightstand I want to stain and put next to my bed. 

So here are some better pictures.


The view from the doorway


Our beds and the dressers


The view from the opposite corner


The bed and the vanity – I haven’t had the vanity out since we moved!


My little cute puppy on my bed

6 thoughts on “Practically Finished

  1. Looks great, Allison! Even your colors look better in the latest photos, especially the purple — I love the purple! Fantastic job! I’m sure you are going to enjoy many happy hours in your new room!

  2. Wow, Allison! I love the dark wood that you choose and the colors go perfectly! I bet you’re enjoying the bigger bed 🙂

    You’ll have to help us decorate our room when we move in, and there is plenty of painting to do, if you’d like to help us with that too 😀

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